Monday, June 16, 2014


Well last week was awful but all of us are on the mends.

We went out of town for a high school graduation. In the car on the way to celebrate at a restaurant, my mom complained of pain in her neck and right arm. It was so intense that I had to pull over and call 911. We thought she was having a heart attack, my sister thought a stroke and the paramedics were just casual thinking she just pulled something. Her right arm and leg went numb and essentially she was paralyzed on her right side from shoulder down. The docs were pushing for a stroke diagnosis and to give her the TPA drug for strokes because the time frame was ticking away. My sister didnt like the diagnosis because my mother was mentally fine but slow and no facial paralysis. She pushed for an MRI... The doc wanted to give the TPA and MRI but TPA first... my sister said...nope... MRI FIRST. They rushed her in for an MRI and found a hematoma on the spine. Very rare and very intense. They immediately took her to surgery. The doc and nurse said that if they had given my Mom the TPA , it would have killed her with these clots. Later I will share with you exactly how GOd was working in so many ways that weekend even prior to this situation.

My sister stayed the first two days with her then I returned for the remainder of the stay. When I came home the first two days, I brought my Dad back who proceeded to fall on the way out the car. We found out the next day that his heart defibrillator went off and he had fractured his shoulder. Double whammies!

So that was our drama this week. What was supposed to be an overnight trip turned into almost an 8 day trip.

Mom and I drove the 4 hours home Saturday and everyone is in their rightful place but in alot of pain. I am not in physical pain but an worn out from all this all week and then taking care of them.

SO please continue to pray for healing for them and strength and a peaceful spirit for me.

I promise to share the whole story at a later date.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Can it get worse


I am at my breaking point... Dad fractured shoulder last night and needs care at home but I have to leave to go be with Mom...someone has volunteered through Friday... Praise God

Sunday, June 8, 2014


My Mom needs prayer... she is in hospital, 3 hours from us and is a living miracle sister is with her.

My Dad needs prayer as to dealing with all this with my Mom with his own health issues. He has done over 9 hours travel in 2 days which is way more then he can handle with all the other stress.  He fell getting out of car tonight from weakness but has moved about since then.

Me...cause I am  here with him and am under a lot of stress.

My sister dealing with my Mom...