Thursday, November 10, 2011


I know I have been quiet lately. It is not because of lack of things to post. I have plenty but I am still on the mini-laptop and not happy about it. I tried two used keyboards on the main computer and they were both bad then the mouse went bad too. Oh Boy!

So the latest thing my mom's sister has done to send us in a tizzy.....

We had grandchildren day last Sunday. All of the grandchildren went up at some point and took the things we wanted. I took some knickknacks and then requested the antique tea cart if no one else wanted it. My Sister did want it but is going to take it until I have a place of my own because she knows I did not take much. My sister took some things. My brother and sister-in-law took some things. My cousin took a lot. I mean a lot. She has not had a house for 2 years so she took a lot of dressers and furniture. My Mom's sister kept saying,, Well after the grandkids are gone there will not be anything to sell at an estate sale. Then she got even more upset when my decided to take the antique sewing machine. She knew it was worth a lot of money but it really was not. Her husband followed us all in the house watching every item that we were taking. That was not his business.

Well she called today and accused the grandchildren of taking things to sell and that she was not talking about her daughter. So once again she makes accusatory statements about my Mother's family. None of us took anything to sell, We took a few things to put in out homes so they would not be sold and stayed in the family. We all also agreed should we not want something years down the road that we would offer it to another family member before selling it or giving it away. Where out of all this she decided that we were trying to make a profit off my grandparents belongings, I don't know. See she is the one trying to make the profit,. My Mom finally finished the conversation by saying.....Once again, you are making accusations that are untrue about my family members and my family members would not take something that I could make a profit with to benefit themselves.

This woman is unbelievable. She wouldn't even let the man that stayed with my grandfather for a few weeks  for free take some old barrels from the garden. She was going to make him buy them. The things I have found for sale are unbelievable. An empty Glade glass from a candle,an empty Yankee Candle glass. It is crazy.

Time is ticking until we are done with her... and my Mom still has not seen the will.

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The Brown Recluse said...

1. Who has seen the will? What's the holdup with it?
2. Give the man the barrels.
3. Don't pay attention to what she says. Just because she says it doesn't make it true.
4. Remember she's sick.
5. Won't selling a house be a real estate sale?
6. I hope it all works out quickly so that you can put it all behind you finally.