Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How cute... his blanky and his pillow..

There is my Lilbit laying on his recliner with his pillow and blankie....Oh wait that is Lil Man's pillow and blankie that Lilbit steals when he is not here. What Lil Man does not know won't hurt him. Evidently Lilbit wants to be more like Lil Man or just wants all that attention. How funny that it is a Garfield blankie too. Pray for my Lilbit though because he just has not been acting right. He is usually right on me when I am home but all he has done is sleep the last few days. He is eating his regular food but has refused treats. Other than that he looks fine. Might see how he is in a few days.

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Marcia said...

Hello, I have been reading your blog tonight, and I want to say IT IS WONDERFUL!! I enjoyed it, it has so much passion, warmth,and compasion, everything I hope my own blog to be. Good luck with your writing, and life.I will continue to read your blog and hopefully get to know you better.

Marcia, @ somethingaboutmarcia