Sunday, November 15, 2009

Adoption Truths....

If you read my blog enough , you know I am an adoption advocate. You also know my sweet nephew is adopted. He was brought into our family at three months old. His biological mother gave him up at birth. His biological father would not come sign the papers because he did not want to acknowledge the birth. The adoption agency convinced him he had to for the baby to be placed. He did this after three months. See it was an affair and he finally convinced himself for it to go away he needed to do this. I thank them everyday even though they do not know it. We were given a great gift.

Well "little man" has become quite inquisitive about pregnancy lately. The subject did not come up and we did not talk about adoption or pregnancy. He told me awhile ago that he knows he came from another woman's belly. I asked my sister if they had talked about it and she said no and was puzzled. Today we were having lunch after church at a steakhouse. A pregnant woman walked by and "little man" told everyone she had a baby in her tummy. Then he asked his mommy if he had been in her belly before he was born. She told him that he was not in her belly but in another woman's belly. That woman loved him but could not care for him so she gave him to mommy and daddy. He asked why. She explained that the woman knew they wanted a baby boy and could love and care for him. He looked at her just as serious. We were all thinking, what is he thinking and what is he going to say next. The next thing he did was put his hand over his mouth, we all gasped not knowing what he was thinking. He then blurted out....."Mommy your breath stinks."
She had been eating sauteed mushrooms and garlic. He then walked over to his daddy and hugged him and said, " Her breath is real bad, daddy. " Well my sister and I chuckled it off but I had to go to the bathroom so that I could really laugh.

Oh, to get in the brain of this 6 year old .

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That corgi :) said...

I remember when we were adopting (years ago) that the adoption agencies said to start talking about adoption even before the kids could grasp what that meant so that it was a word the kids would be comfortable with and we would be comfortable saying. I know both of my kids knew they were adopted at around 3.5 years old, but probably didn't grasp what that meant until closer to 6-7 years ago. Funny story with it when my son was looking at our wedding pictures and there was a picture of the wedding party. He said "which lady's tummy was I in?" it wasn't any of them, LOL, but the way his mind worked too