Wednesday, November 18, 2009

You Butthead....

Yep, that is what I called a lot of people on my way home today in Hampton Roads traffic. But there was one big butthead in particular today. She was driving a new big tan Tahoe. Yep , you thought you were bad by not letting me over to get off on my exit with your big over sized SUV. No, I did not procrastinate getting over. Your entrance was right before my exit. See I slowed down so I could get behind you but No you slowed down too. Then when I sped up to get around you, you sped up too. I missed my exit because of this. When you finally sped passed me I looked over at you and you know what you were doing.... You know of course but now all of my two readers will know..... YOU WERE SUCKING YOUR THUMB !!!!

Yeah so you think you were big and bad but seeing you sucking your thumb really ruined your big and bad car syndrome. Actually reminded me of Little Man Syndrome. You earned the name BUTTHEAD today or should I say... THUMBSUCKER GROWN WOMAN HEAD!

Oh and an apology to my spiritual best friend Jen K. She already knows about this or I would not be blogging about it but I called her a butthead today too because she rang my cellphone as I was crossing five lanes of oncoming traffic and about scared me out of my pants. I did not know it was her , I just said, " what butthead is calling me now "after my heart rate went to about 199 after it rang. See I was not really calling her a butthead, that could have been anyone on the phone. I was calling anyone a butthead not her, yep that's my story and I am sticking to it.

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Jen said...

HEY!! I did laugh~~BUTT HEAD!!!! LOL!! You crack me up!! I can't wait to see you!!
Love ya!