Thursday, November 12, 2009

Living with the Tide

Blue font because when I came home tonight I had waterfront property. Some people pay vookoo bucks for this and all I had to do was have a Northeasterner come through the area and voila.

When I left for work this morning, you know when you have a small business you must be open at every possible moment to earn that penny that someone may want to spend in the middle of what Mother Nature sends us, my street was beginning to flood. I had to go down another street which had a little less flooding. I went to work thinking , why are we open. We had a few customers come in but it was pointless. I was the one in charge today and knew that high tide would just wreak havoc on my already flooded street. No I do not live near the beach but when it is raining constantly and high tide , the water has no where to go but up. It cant go down. I decided at 2 to close. I called ahead and guess what , it was not high tide yet but my street was completely flooded. I had to go to my sister's house. The roads were horrible. So bad that I had to make a decision to drive or make a u-turn and try different routes that could be worse. I chose to move forward and pray that my not so old car made it through. It did, Praise the Lord.

I spent the afternoon at my sister's house with my nephew running wild because this is day three of no outdoor play and he is an outdoor kid. I decided to to have my brother in law drive me as far home as he could which was only about three houses into my street before dark. I then waded my way home. Just think this still was not high tide.

I never knew that my day would revolve so much around the tide. WOW, what a day!

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That corgi :) said...

sounds like an awful day! glad you were safe though! your poor nephew, I truly understand his increased energy; my kids were always outside kids too that had too much energy to burn inside