Saturday, November 21, 2009

Update... Should I be scared...

Yep, I did get scared.... one minute before my class. Nothing to do then but go forward.

I will not say I blew it away but I think I did a pretty good job. The professor told me she gave me all threes and fours out of a zero to four scale. I was happy. There were a few things I left out. I had a great closing. The students(my peers pretending to be high schoolers) were interactive and just loved when I hit on certain subjects. The professor afterwards told me to not pretend to be a teacher and to go up there as a marketing professional and my natural teacher will come out. She said when I started using my personal stories that the learning took off and my natural teacher came out with fire on the subject. I will heed that advice.
I did have to reprimand a few students. One was running late today for school but I had to treat him as a tardy student in my class. He is a really nice guy but I had to do it. I gave him his notes and quietly told him that Marketing is a Business class and in business it is important for us to be timely. I did not reprimand him in front of the class but quietly at his desk. When I finished the lesson and we evaluated it from the professor's point of view and from the student's point , he mentioned this. He said that he knew he was late but that I quietly reprimanded him but did not embarrass him. He said he knew I meant business and if we had class tomorrow he would be there on time and early. The other students were role-playing 11th graders so they were trying to chit-chat and over talk me. They received the teacher look and stopped, mostly.
Overall it was a good experience. Now , I just need the paperwork for my provisional license and for a job to come available. Please keep that in your prayers. I really need a good paying job with health insurance. In the mean time I will continue to lean on God. He knows my future.

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That corgi :) said...

amen on leaning on God! glad it went well and you are close to being able to get your provisional license; will keep you in my prayers