Saturday, November 7, 2009

Comfort Zones

We all have our comfort zones. I had lots of them. Had is a big word. These past few months I have had to step out to make some changes for the better in my life and future. What have I had to do?

  • Start school again. Although only a 10 week program, an intense 10 week program. This will help me to progress in getting a teaching job in marketing. I have had to drive to a new school 30 minutes away and enter a class full of strangers, make these strangers my friends and the school mine for the time being.
  • Observe at a public high school. That is a scary step if you have not been in a public high school in 18 years. I had to navigate my way to the specific classroom and observe the teachers and the students. Believe me when I say that today;s high school student is way different than I was 18 years ago.
  • Introduce myself to a teacher who views me as a threat because I am fresh in the teaching market but have lots of marketing experience they may not have. They do not have tenure yet so the friendliness and helpfulness was lacking. I had to continue this for 3 solid weeks in which at the end they were a little friendly, I guess because I was leaving.
  • Start substitute teaching. Oh my! That was an experience. I will not go into details, some of you have already heard. I will say as advice to anyone else that may step out of their comfort zone into teaching...Don't let your first day be at a downtown low-income school. Trust me, not a good combination of new substitute and street kids. I always loved fresh new crayons, it does not phase them. Crayons= break and make a weapon. I also was exposed to more than a street kid, ummmh way more of that street kid than I ever wanted to see.

As I have experienced many new things and challenges by stepping out of my comfort zone. I have to remember that God has placed me in every position and some good will come of it some how. I hope and pray I will have a real teaching job soon. In the mean time I hope I have made an impact in the lives of people that have crossed my path. Despite my terrible day as a substitute, one little girl found me later, hugged me and said , "I really like you." Lord, please let me remember that moment forever especially as more things change in my life that require that comfort zone to stretched. May I reflect your light in all I do and you are preparing me for my new future.

Thanks to all my encourager's, especially Jen at Noodles Nest on my side bar for keeping me on track and pushing me to step out of that zone. Thanks also to Mike T, the hubby of Jenn #2 on my side bar for that special prayer you wrote me this week to encourage me. You made me see the bright point of my bad day and the lasting impression that I may have had on that one little girl.

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