Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Several Things

Life has been so busyfor me the last few weeks that I have been meaning to post some things but remember after I turn the computer off to go to bed. I also am the one that thinks in my head about the blogs I read... well when are they going to update, it has been a week already. Yet I am guilty myself.

My life has been so crazy. I have returned to school to prepare for my teaching license through Virginia Department of Education and Old Dominion University. This has required commuting alot to Virginia Beach in rush hour traffic two nights a week. This should be a 45 minute drive at most but in rush hour it is almost a 2 hour drive. I also have to observe a high school marketing for 30 hours before the program ends November 21 but since the last week is school Monday through Saturday 8-4, I have to have observations over by November 13. Of course, the high school that was chosen for me was the high school farthest from where I live in my city. On top of all this I am still trying to work at the bookstore to make ends somewhat meet ( at least get gas money). I also have been writing a lesson plan that I have to present to fellow peers for 50 minutes in November. Today was the deadline for turning it in and at the last minute I had all these thoughts to add. Pray for me to lose my nervousness on the November 20th. I am more intimidated teaching peers than I am high schoolers. As of today , I am now a substitute teacher for my city which involved orientation too. I also am in a ladies Bible Study one night a week.I am a preschool Sunday School teacher and help out on Wednesday nights with Kids Ark at church. I also try to fit my nephew in as a priority. He and I have an awesome bond and he calls me to see if I am coming to see him or if I have to go to school every night. So my posts have been few because of a lack of time and mental capacity.

Now for the posts I have thought about:

Last Wednesday night, church was cancelled because H1N1 hit the children's department. I had planned to go see my nephew but his other grandaddy took ill so they took off for Ohio. (His grandaddy had a heart attack but is doing better.) So I found myself with an hour or two to myself. I took off for Target. I only had enough money for shampoo and a few necessities. I scrounged enough for the popcorn and soda combo before I left. It was a very nice teenage black male working the register. He told me my total was, " one sssssssssssixty sssssix." I smiled and gave him my money. I was thinking about telling him a story about my brother having a terrible stutter when he was young or not to tell him. There was no one behind me so I said, "I noticed you stutter with your S's." He agreed. I went on to tell him that my brother stuttered bad when he was young but that now he can stand in front of a congregation and preach or give a lecture with no problem. He smiled from ear to ear. His response, " Thank you so much for telling me that." I told him to keep working on it and not to let people bring him down or tease him and he agreed and wished me a great day. As I walked away and looked back, he still had that big smile on his face. See I almost did not tell him that story but God nudged me. I will never know the outcome but I walked away knowing I did what I was supposed to do.

On to another subject. My nephew came back home last night and yes I skipped Bible Study to go see him since he was away six days. He does not like me going to school at all. It disrupts his "aunty time". He asked me if I had school the next night and I told him that it was Wednesday and then asked him what we do on Wednesdays. His response , " We get to go to church." I reflected on that because I was thinking , tomorrow is Wednesday and I HAVE TO GO TO CHURCH. What a thought that child put in my head. I don't have to go to church on Wednesday , I get to go to church and have that freedom. Wow, what you can learn from a six year old.

This will leave you laughing hysterically or upheaving hysterically. I was at church in the parking lot running my mouth to my co-worker and I inhaled. Now get your mind out of the streets, nothing illegal. I inhaled a bug. Yes, a BUG. I was jabbering so much he flew in when I inhaled a deep breath. Nothing I could do then. I tried to make him come out by coughing and trying to dry heave , it is one of the only times I have every wanted to dry heave but he was gone for good. My nephew said, "Just stop it is just a bug." Just stop it is just a bug means try harder it is a nasty bug. Little did that buggy know his life would end that way and little did I know his life would end that way. So in a day or so I report that I am not feeling well it will be because I really do have..... THE BUG.

Well folks, that is a few of the posts I have thought about lately and have been meaning to blog about. Instead of several small ones you get one big one. Bigger is better, right.

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