Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Yes, I am depressed. I made my annual trip to the VA ABC store to buy my two mini-bar bottles of rum. A total of $ 2.60. I know, I know I go all out for my once a year full-fledged pina colada that I drink in my home.
So what is so depressing.... This is the first year I was not ID'd. I left so sullen and down. That means at my ripe old age of 36, I must actually look 30 as to not ID me, since the law is if you look under 30 you must be ID'd. I have reached that look now. Oh so depressing.
The slight good news is that the cashier was really thinking and looking long and hard at me and I could tell he was wondering if he should have ID'd me. Even the other cashier on the other side was giving him the look. Either that or they think I am a boozer and bought the mini-bar version because that is what all the homeless men do when they scrounge up enough dough begging.
Oh , if they only knew that I feel like I have entered a porn store when I walk in there in the first place but I do not know how that feels either because I have never been in a porn store or will ever go either. I just think that is how I would feel if it happened. Honest , honest to goodness.
Have a nice New Year's Eve everyone. You know I will be watching the ball drop in the comfort of my own home with my once a year pina colada from my mini-bar version of rum.... Yum, yum!
P. S. Jen, I better hide this post from the Deacon Baord too.


That corgi :) said...

its been years since I was carded, LOL but I like Target because they card everyone here. They run your ID through their cash register regardless of how old you are; you can't purchase the alcohol without it. I like their system.

enjoy the pina colada :)

Happy New Year!


Winivere said...

It's too bad you can't get the whole bottle! OMG @ your little mini bar is too mini. LOL

Happy New Year!

The Brown Recluse said...

I have only once bought alcohol in a liquor store...ABC store...whatever, and it was not even for me!! My sister made me do it. I wasn't carded, either. If you are 36 and now only look 30, I'd say you ain't doing too bad. I see some of my high school classmates, and I wonder how they got so old! I just know they aren't thinking the same thing about me!!