Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Adventuresome Life....

My life is in transition right now. My main position is being eliminated because of the economy. I am seeking full time work as a marketing teacher but this is the middle of a school year and not the hiring season for teachers. I am currently substitute teaching when I can. That means I never know what school , what grade, or what students I may have on a day to day basis. I still work at my main position but now it revolves around my substituting since I know I will get paid from that. This time of changes and waiting can be put me anywhere on any kind of adventure.

This morning I woke up late and gave myself just enough time to get to school with no time to spare. My car had a little frost on it and smarty pants here sprayed the windshield washer fluid and froze the whole stupid windshield and I could not see. I had to pull over on my own street in front of my neighbors house to keep spraying more liquid hoping for the best. It cleared enough for me to see so off I went. I got to the school within one minute of my start time. WOOO!

I then walked into class and another sub was there. He quickly told me he was the substitute for the teacher's assistant today. After talking to him for a few , I found out he is finishing his Master's degree and could have been the sub but I beat him to the job. He was not being smart or cocky but boy did my intimidation begin. Well he turned out to be a nice kid who supported me and helped me but very quiet and not stern.

The kids were not bad but in every class there is one or two that tests me. I had subbed for this class one other day so I knew who the students were that would give me problems. One student kept kicking another student's chair so I pulled the one desk far away from the other student. Problem solved. The TA gave me an inquisitive look like WOW! I quickly had to move two other students to a table in the back away from the other students. One had his test paper taken from him for talking and received a zero. Once again the TA looked at me like, WOW this girl has control. Well even after I moved these individuals they continued to carry on so I marched myself to the back and sat right between them. They were shocked and amazed but extremely good for the rest of test time. The TA was shocked I did it. I could still see all the kids and they knew it.

Later in that day when classes had switched , I had another student really testing me. He is a sweet kid but has to be the center of attention. I moved him to the front right by me and I had to move another student also. Well this other student tried to trip the TA so the TA turns around and pulls his desk across the floor about three feet and walks away. The student said, dang he sure is strong , he actually moved me. Needless to say the student was nothing but perfect after that and I was quite proud at how aggressive the quiet little TA could be. I then gave him a look like.. WOW you can do it. I think I taught him something.

The part that breaks my heart is at least two of the problem students are really nice kids. I had them during a study hall like class and they are bright and nice. I had great conversations (non-school related) with them. Why do they misbehave and get bad grades in a regular class ? My opinion, lack of attention and support at home. No one encouraging them they can do it and probably the only attention they get is from negative behavior. So they just keep on with the negative behavior. It really is sad because deep down they are nice kids.

On to the rest of my day. I came home and really needed a power nap before going into what used to be my main job. I was on my way there and was in a left turn lane and barely missed the light on the last cycle so I was the first car. Well I waited and waited and waited. The light never changed. I thought maybe my mind was off in Pluto and sat through the cycle. Well I looked behind me and knew that could not have happened because there are alot of cars behind me that I knew would have blared at me. Well I waited some more and the light went through all the cycles but not my left turn. It was a busy day on this road and I know 15 minutes had passed and I could not change lanes and this light just was not changing. I finally asked the lady next to me, you know in car language, if she would let me in and she laughed and said ok. Well dang it, behold the light finally changed after 15 minutes and I had finally figured out a way out.

Oh the adventures of my life... Stay tuned.. tomorrow I venture to Richmond to judge a high school competition for Marketing.


Jen said...

You showed that TA how it's done!!

I am so glad that you are enjoying being a sub for the most part:)

The Brown Recluse said...

Transition usually means growth and maturity. And since we KNOW that God is always in control, and that he made provision for every step of our lives, relax and enjoy! Sounds like that's what you are doing.
You sound like a very good sub.