Friday, January 15, 2010

Answered Prayer...

I went into my class today I was dreading. The main guy that gave me the problem yesterday then turned the whole class against me walked in. He looked at me and then went to his seat. He then got up, came up to me and said....." I am sorry for my behavior yesterday. I was in the wrong. That is not like me." I shook his hand and told him he was forgiven. Later when the bell rang, I called him up to me and he looked scared. I told him that it showed he had character to come back to me and apologize earlier. He smiled and said thank you.

Overall it was a good day.

I really was dreading that class today. I worried all night and prayed. Even prayed right before the class again. I knew some of you were praying for me too... Thank you.

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The Brown Recluse said...

Now how about that! He sounds like a nice young man, after all.