Saturday, January 16, 2010

Well they must have liked me...

Well they must have liked me ..... because a lot of them showed up for class , unfortunately it was not their class.

Thursday and Friday I substituted for the same teacher. First and last period she has the same classes everyday. I took attendance like usual on Thursday by calling their names and looking for a hand or listening for a "here". Well I turned the attendance sheet in. In my mind there were a lot of kids but I was thinking, it is a small room. I was supposed to have 27 kids and only 2 were missing. Most kids did the work and I noticed one guy in the corner did nothing. I asked him if he had anything to turn in, he said, "no". Ok, my thoughts... he is accountable , not me.

On Friday, the class was a little more crowded. I could not really compare it to the day before because my mind was dreading the last class I would have which was my problem class the day before. I took role and all but one was there. Security came in to collect my attendance sheet. He stopped and looked. I was thinking, they are being good why are you looking at me and them like we are crazy. He then looked, pointed and said, " you and you, in the hall." He nicely told me they did not belong in my class. I was thinking ok less students to be responsible for. Well security came back and took roll again, row by row and asked the kids their last names. Ummh, three more kids left the classroom including the one from the day before that did not do any work . I felt like I did not do my job very well today but then I chuckled thinking, well they all like me and wanted to come in my class. You have to see the positive, right.

Lesson learned..... For now on , I do not call role out , I will go row by row and do a head count. What is odd too is I have been known to do a head count sometimes , well sometimes is all the time now.

Oh the joys of a substitute.


The Brown Recluse said...

How would a head count ensure you had the right kids? And why in the world would they skip one class to go to another one? Back in my day, when we skipped, we were not in a class at all! lol

That corgi :) said...

I read your last posts about your struggles as a substitute. I really think substitute teachers have such a hard job. kids are down right mean to them (and us parents aren't crazy about them either because even though we know they are trying their hardest,we know the kids will make their lives difficult for them and it won't be a day of much learning). But its not a perfect world and there will be sicknesses and other circumstances that prevent a teacher from being in their class daily so thank God there are people like you willing to substitute. I thought it was nice that boy apologized to you; he must have felt terribly guilty about it. Makes you wonder if the kids had a "mob" mentality; acting like that when they normally wouldn't but they were caught up in the moment so to speak.

too cute you had too many in your class; glad security was there helping you to sort it all out