Thursday, December 24, 2009

Making Memories at Christmas

I had already turned the computer off when I made a funny memory with my mom this evening and had to post about it.

Every Christmas for years my grandmother made Christmas dinner and it always included red Jello. My sister loved this. We never knew why but this Jello she looked forward to for months. As my grandmother aged , she let it slip that the Jello was made out of wine. You see , we are a non-drinking conservative family. ( I lie, Mom and I enjoy a pina colada on New Year's Eve and I make my annual trip to the ABC store to get the smallest bottle of rum available.) Anyhow, my grandmother can not cook anymore, you know she is 91 but my sister and others wanted the wine Jello. I have never been that fond of it, personally. My mom went out today and bought a bottle of wine. She knows nothing of buying wine and found the cheapest bottle at $4.99. I never gave it a second thought. After years of working at a grocery store, I did know cheap wine was a screwtop. Guess what? This had a cork. What does this mean for a non-wine drinking household. It meant I had to figure out some way to get that cork out with no cork thingymajig.

I tried a knife, no luck. I tried the sharp end of a bottle opener, no luck. I tried another knife, no luck. I tried to push the knife and get suction, no luck. She went out and found a screwdriver. It worked, oh did it work. It pushed the cork all the way in but not out. The cork stayed in but wine splashed out all over me and my mom. Whooh, does it smell awful. It was all over our faces and hair. It smelled horrible, you know the booze smell. We could not stop laughing. That $4.99 bottle of wine was priceless for our memories of laughing with wine everywhere.
So since we did this at midnight, guess what we have to clean off the wall tomorrow, yeppers wine. What would people think if they had to come in our house tonight.... oh those boozers. Oh the memories we have created.
Merry Christmas! Remember Jesus is the true gift of Christmas! Without him we would be lost.


That corgi :) said...

amen about Jesus!! too cute of a story about the wine! this you will remember for years to come :)

Merry Christmas!


Jen said...

FUNNY!!! I can just see you and your Mom struggling to get that cork out of that bottle of wine.

I sure hope the deacon board doesn't know about this blog:) HAhahahaha!!!

You'll have to make that Jello for me sometime.