Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Confessions of Meanness

Yes this sweet girl can be quite mean sometimes.

Yes, I did refuse to let a guy over today after being stuck in traffic for 40 minutes. No I was not going to let him over when he knew for miles he needed to get over and he rode the closing lane all the way to the end to get to the front.

Yes, when he tried to nudge his car in front of mine, I did move my car forward so he could not sneak in.

Yes, I did shake my head no when he motioned for me to let him in.

Yes, he did flip me the finger.

Yes, my evil twin came out and laughed as I drove by him.

Yes, I was late for class but he did not get in front of me... Have I said that already.

UPDATE: The Lord wanted me to learn a lesson for being mean. I have a flower picture in my room with scripture. I can not quote the whole verse but here is the summation.... Be known for the Beauty that comes from within, the Beauty that only God can give..... I was not showing my Godly Beauty yesterday at all. Sorry!

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a corgi said...

sometimes we just do things like that; my son drives this mountain road and drives the speed limit but sometimes it is slower than others want to drive it. there are places you can pull over to let people pass you. if someone behind him (usually in a truck he has discovered) is riding his bumper and beeping or gesturing for him to pull over, he won't. If people are polite and not giving him the finger or cussing at him, he pulls over. One time he had 162 cars behind him because the person right behind him was being a "jerk" and so my son didn't pull over.

I know the next time you'll let the person in :)