Thursday, June 9, 2011


I know I will delete this post in about 24 hours.

Have you ever been so angry with someone that you wish you could be there when they burn in hell one day?

That is how I feel about my mother's sister and how I have felt for a long time.

The fire department installed my grandfather a free smoke alarm but they required emergency information from him. He had my cousin who was there at the moment write both my mother's information and her sister's information. My cousin talked to her mother and told her that he had signed it and had written both of them down. Her mother got angry and drove over to the house and blocked out my mother's information. She also left papers for the fire department that she is sole power of attorney and read this closely........ SHE HAD HIM DEEMED INCOMPETENT by his doctor. My Mother knew nothing about this. My grandfather knew nothing about this. Most days he is mentally ok it is when his blood sugar is low that he talks crazy. This now gives her full control of everything he does and final say-so. He has no legal rights. My mother has no legal rights unless she has money to hire a lawyer and fight. She does not.

My cousin was flabbergasted and did not realize her Mother could stoop this low. She also stated to my mother that she hopes her mother burns in hell. That is sad. Real sad. A woman at the beginning stages of Alzheimer's is in control.


I am sorry if this is an ugly post, I really am sorry.

Right now I need a lot of prayer for God's Grace. It is hard when this woman who is evil keeps persevering and the nice and innocent sibling keeps being pushed down.

Pray for my Mom because the attacks are directly at her. After tonight we are confident she has lied about the will still being 50/50. By the way... the deeming of him incompetent came right after social services tried to step in.

This woman makes Lucifer look like a saint.

Needless to say she is not on my facebook account. Her face keeps popping up on my homepage under the PEOPLE YOU MAY KNOW. I think they need to change it to... PEOPLE YOU MAY WANT TO THROW DARTS AT. Well I just updated my status on facebook to BEcky personally knows SATAN. Facebook refreshed my page and it changed to items RELATED TO YOUR POST and where her picture was is now a page on Satan.... How ironic.

He is not competent to make decisions but he is competent to stay alone 18-20 hours a day.
The woman that is in control has told everyone to leave his house unlocked every night so the morning help can get in the house. She does not have the sense in her head to give them a key. No the house in a prominent neighborhood with no cars in the driveway is left unlocked every night for anyone to beat him and rob him blind. Seems to me she needs to be deemed incompetent.


The Brown Recluse said...

If she really is in the beginnng stages of Alzheimers, can you take the power of attorney away from her? I wonder if that's partially why she's acting how she is?

Sounds like mom's sister may get away with it...on earth anyway. You can't do wrong and get by with it. Also, she's sowing some pretty bad seeds she's going to reap.

I'm sorry, Becky. I hate you and your family are going through this.

That corgi :) said...

I am so sorry Becky. I know this has been a struggling you/your family have been going through for a long period of time. I think it is good though to get your feelings out like this, whether or not you choose to delete it, but boiled up feelings are never good for lots of different reasons.

keeping you in my prayers