Sunday, June 26, 2011

Just how old do I look?

In the same weekend I have been complimented and insulted about how old I look.

The first was Friday morning. The cable guy had been dealing with my Father but when he returned with a new modem, I answered the door. I knew who he was and let him come in. He then asked if the man he had been dealing with was my grandfather. Well , either he thought I looked real young or may Dad looked real old. Personally, aside from my Father's walk, I don't think he looks 73. So I assume the guy thought I looked real young.

The same day, I went to my sister's to feed her cats because they were out of town. The neighbor's grandchildren are always over the house and the little girl came running to my car. She gave me a hug. When I left , she and her brother were in the yard waiting for me to come out. They were discussing my name. They both know me because I am at my sister's house all the time and they are at their grandmother's house all the time. The 6 year old boy was explaining to his 4 year old sister that my sister, Mrs. Debbie, was Cameron's mommy and I, Miss Becky was his GRANDMOTHER! I was like no, no, no and explained to them that I was Cameron's aunt and I was younger than Mrs. Debbie and could not be Cameron's grandmother. So that burst my bubble from the cable guy earlier.

Lastly, I drove across the bridge today to get some delicious spaghetti near my grandfather's house. I noticed that cigarettes were cheap . I called a family member and they agreed they were cheap and to buy a carton. I asked for the specific kind. The man said, I will get them when you tell me and show me how old you are. I looked at him and said way over the legal age for cigarettes. He told me to prove it. I did and he laughed and said I never would have guessed. I felt so young because the legal age is 16. I was honored to be carded but truly and honestly the guy was being a little ridiculous. I look way over 16.

I do know when I substitute and I mention to the high schoolers that this is my 20 year high school reunion. They calculate , well those that can add, my age and sit there astonished. You dont look 38 is usually the replied. Well thank you, thank you very much.

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That corgi :) said...

that was cool you got carded Becky! its been years since I got carded!