Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I am becoming my Father...

I know it is scary that I am becoming my Father. My Father likes complete silence all the time except his television when he wants to watch it.

Tonight I want complete silence and am not getting it. All I am getting is lots of background noise. I have been in the presence of a 7.95 year old ( he will be 8 Tuesday) for 10 hours. He left me alone at the pool but some other kid needing attention kept pestering me. I was nice but I wanted to tell him to leave me alone.

This is what I am getting

  • One tv with more irritating music reality on. I think it is more the screaming and clapping that bother me.

  • One tv in another room running. I cant turn that off , that person is watching it.

  • The air condition is running non-stop and the filter needs to be replaced so it is also rattling.

  • On commercials from the irritating tv with the music show, she is in the kitchen washing and clanking dishes with the water running.

  • Then the other day our neighbors dead limb landed on our power line. So the power company has been outside for over an hour , yes it is 10:22 PM trying to get the limb down with his diesel truck running.

To top it off , my internet service is slow. They are coming tomorrow to boost the speed. The bathtub isn't draining properly. Then a million flies have some how scooted in the door and are zooming around everywhere.

Praise the Lord, the power truck pulled off. One piece of background noise down.

I think it is PMS, lol. I dont get that though cause I am a depo shot junkie.

Pray for me tomorrow morning as I interview for a part-time teaching position.

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That corgi :) said...

what a night you had Becky with all that noise!! Happy early birthday to your nephew! He sure is getting big!!