Friday, February 3, 2012


I can hear clearly now the pressure's gone
I can hear all the obstacles in my ear.

I know that is bad lyrics for a good song but it has been a LONG week with pressure in my ears that would not pop. I was miserable.

My left ear popped on Wednesday. I was very happy but still felt like I was in a barrel talking. I could hear noise around me unless you were talking directly to me. I could not hear you right in front of me and found out that I don't lip read very well.My new favorite saying of the week was ..."HUH"

I did everything I could to get the right ear to pop with no success. Whatever I did would make the other pop. This afternoon that ear was bothering me and I was considering going to the doctor. I decided to hold my nose and try one more time this evening before heading out to a concert. This time it worked and I was so glorious. I sang the lyrics to the song above after it popped.

The icing on the cake was later at the concert. We went to hear and see the St.Olaf choir. They were excellent. Their music was slower than what I like but the harmony was great and 90% of it glorified God. What a great evening for that after finally being able to hear clearly after a week of barrel talking.

Thank You, Jesus for fixing my ear.

By the way, if the St. Olaf choir comes to your area.... Go see them. They were great and talented. These tickets were a Christmas present to my Mother and she loved it.I think it was her best gift.

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