Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Go even if you dont want to...

Have you ever had something you were supposed to go to but just did not want to?

This evening it was our church's annual Valentine's dinner at the local rescue mission. I did not want to go. It is always a little awkward and I was having an all about me mind set. I went anyways. Our church cook always makes a roast beef dinner around Valentine's Day  that we serve to the 20-25 men staying at the mission . Then, we join them once they are served. I sat beside one church member but still surrounded by 3 older African American men. I tried to talk. They did not talk back much. They gestured or laughed at me. Well, they laughed at about everything I said. You know what... I am a substitute teacher.Them laughing was what I put up with all day. I am immune, I have tough skin.. These men were not laughing at me though they were laughing because they thought I was comical. I wasn't trying to be comical ,I was trying to conversate. Then at the end one of the three men smiled at me and said..... You have brightened my day. Thank You. I almost cried.

Thank You Lord for nudging me to go. Thank you for allowing me to be a bright spot to these men who are going through tough times. I think my times are tough but theirs are tougher.  Thank you helping me remember silly stories that had to do with some of the gifts we gave them. Thank you for making me comical on a night I did not want to go at all. I pray that these men saw your light in those few minutes I was able to talk to them.

I also passed out valentine chocolates to them all. One of the men in my church started to help but decided to stop because he saw the men's faces light up when I gave them the candy and spoke to them while doing so. He came up to me later and told me why he stopped. I was embarrassed because I am a large full-figured woman, why would they care but they did.

I walked in dreading going but deciding to make the best of it by trying to bless them. I walked away more blessed than them.

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The Brown Recluse said...

Love this story :)