Sunday, January 2, 2011

Nephew funnies

I have not seen my nephew much this past week and I missed him. I stole him Saturday for an hour...well , not literally. We did ask permission. Let me tell you he was ready to go with me that day. We stopped by my house but he has not been here since I plugged in a Wallflower from Bath and Body Works. It is the pumpkin patch scent. Not what I would have chosen but it was a gift. It actually does not have any spice or cinnamon scent to it so it does not smell that bad at all. I don't like the smell of cinnamon or spice and don't like them in my food unless it is a cinnamon roll in which the sugar outweighs the cinnamon. Anyways, he walks in the house and immediately says, " Wow, it smells like chili cheese dogs in here, Yummy." I looked at him bewildered as he walked to the kitchen. I had not cooked anything. I did not know what he was smelling . Then it dawned on me it was the air freshener pumpkin patch scent. Pumpkin patch scent equals chili cheese dog in the nose of a child. I think his nose needs to be checked.

He is starting to read really good right now. It is funny to hear him sound words out. He reads all the signs now while we are driving. I heard him say, " Food, Beer and Winnie." I was preoccupied so did not catch the word Winnie. My mom turns around and says, " Honey that is not the word Winnie, it is Wine. " I just had to chuckle. He knew that WIN is win and when you add an E, it has to be pronounced WINNIE. Just like it is written, wine. I always heard that the English language was the hardest to learn. I believe it now through the eyes and imagination of a child.


That corgi :) said...

he sounds very precious!! I know you all enjoy him in your lives!


The Brown Recluse said...

WHAT? You don't like cinnamon?! I never heard of such! lol

Your nephew sounds adorable. You should post some pix.