Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year...

As I was watching the Dick Clark Countdown, I was having high school flashbacks from when New Kids On The Block were "the" group. I called one of my high school best friends who is on West Coast time to make sure she watched it. She laughed at me and said she would. I was not flipped over the group but she was. She then reminded me to make sure my front door was closed and to watch out for drunk men circling man holes looking for a friend named Fred.....Weird request, you ask? Well let me tell you the story.

New Year's Eve 1989, I do believe. I had a sleepover with my bestest friends. My parents told me I could invite one guy friend but he had to be gone by 1 AM. He was just one of those bestest buddies, no romance with any of us. We had been bowling earlier at the bowling alley my Dad worked part time. We came home to watch the ball drop. We were sitting around watching television, munching and laughing. My mom had gone to bed and reminded us that our male friend had to leave at 1. Well we pushed the issue and he stayed until 2. My Dad is still not home yet but due home very soon. So we knew he had to leave quick before he came home. I know we were rebellious teenagers. He was heading out and we were acting stupid, all of us. We walked him to the car acting crazy. He pulls off . I then notice this man circling the man hole right in front of our driveway. We all run in the house and slam the door closed, scared half to death. This is not a usual site for our neighborhood. The man proceeded to follow us. He started knocking on the door and trying to push it open. Needless to say, we were SCARED. I ran to my mom's room. She jumped up and ran to the door while I called 911. Our old door had a big window and this man was staring straight at me while he yelled, " Let me in Fred, Let me in. Fred, I said let me in." I was freaking, my friends were freaking. The dispatcher asked me if someone was at the front door trying to keep it shut. I answered, "Yes ma'am. My mom is and she is pretty hefty." That was a funny statement after it was over. He then tried to go to the garage where my 75 lb dog was sleeping sound, never woke up at all. The dispatcher told us to get someone to go to the garage door and put all their weight on it just in case he did manage to get in the garage and try to get in that door. All of my friends were too scared. Thank goodness the man gave up and started walking away. The police finally came and they found him one block away, he was drunk. They chose not to arrest him because he seemed innocent. He was just looking for a couch to sleep on and did not understand why we would not let him in. They found out he belonged a few blocks over and took him home, after all it was New Year's Eve and at least he was not trying to drive. My Dad finally came home too after all the excitement was over. As for our male friend, he stopped at the end of the street and watched it all take place but was afraid to come help us. He came back and said he saw we had it under control. Surprisingly enough I did not get punished for letting our buddy stay an extra hour. They thought the scare of all us was enough punishment. Soon after, we had a new door with no window and a big bolt. We also had a big bolt put on the garage door too.

I am still good friends with two of the attendees. Just when we think we have forgotten our memorable New Year's Eve, one of them will remind me to lock my door on New Year's Eve and not to make friend's with anyone named Fred around this time of year.

Oh, the memories.

Happy New Year everyone! I pray all of you have a great 2011. I will admit I am praying that my 2011 will be a lot better than 2010. It has no where to go but up, really. Out with the old uglies of 2010 and in with the new great things of 2011.

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The Brown Recluse said...

You gotta watch that Fred. Happy New Year!