Friday, December 24, 2010


Casseroles cooked...Yep
Shrimp cooked.... Yep
Sandwich meat cut....Yep
Tomatoes cut....Yep
Onions cut.... Yep
Presents wrapped.... Getting ready to start.

Monitoring cat in labor in the garage.... Yep

Our neighbor's cat that they kicked out this summer has adopted us. She is not fixed but will be after this. My mom found her this morning squatting in the gutter of the road with contractions. She wants to be under my foot but the other stray cat that is really our outdoor cat keeps attacking her. Plus the place she is choosing to lay down is under my car. I can not have that. I had suspected that she was expecting for awhile now but was hoping that she was just eating alot. Since the other cat they kicked out has been adopted by its original owner across the street and is an indoor/outdoor cat is not neutered. Put two and two together. We are having kittens, woohoo. Needless to say after this we are making a visit to the PETA mobile unit. I do hope these kitties make it though the last batch this summer all died in our neighbors yard.

So now I figured out that God has a sense of humor and knew there was a reason I needed to be ahead with cooking so I could monitor Sophie.

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BlueRidge Boomer said...

Merry Christmas!