Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Let me tell you about my day.....

My day started off normal. I knew I was going to have to work ( volunteer) at the bookstore since my brother is in Illinois with his wife to celebrate Christmas with them. I have been driving my mom around the last few days because of the ice still on the roads. We were pulling out of the driveway when I noticed her side door on her van was not shut. She got out and shut it then slipped on ice and fell. Fortunately she was not hurt. She then lost the top piece of her phone protector ( BodyGlove). We looked and looked but did not find it. It was now 9:52 and the store opens at 10. I also needed gas. We stopped at Shell where we had a $5 gift card. I chose to just do the $5 for time sake. We got there a little after 10. It started off with an irate customer. One of the reasons I am glad I don't work in the store but every once in awhile. She was irate because she waited until December 22 to order something for her church that they needed this Sunday. Normal circumstances , one week is still cutting it close considering shipping times. Abnormal circumstances of a holiday and being closed for 2 days because of bad roads because of the biggest winter storm in 10-12 years here, not going to happen. It was ordered for her but the company we order that item from shut down at the end of the day of the 23rd and would not ship it until Monday. We called her and she was also gone for the holidays. She calls today wanting the product. Well even if it was shipped and arrived quickly , we could not get to the store to receive shipment. It is on the way but see she, the church secretary, is on holiday again as of noon today through January 3 and refuses to pick it up even if it comes in. So, as she sees it, this is our fault , not hers. Nope, she didn't wait until the last minute to order it and expect Santa to drop it off on his way to all the kids houses on Christmas night. She thinks that everyone should work 24/7 to accommodate her waiting to the last minute to order something during the holidays. Most of our Christian companies close from December 23 through January 3. She is lucky this company did reopen Monday but it does not matter she is refusing to come pick it up and I am sure she told the church it was all our fault. Then I looked on my brother's desk to see that something has to be delivered to the other side of the water today and by 3 PM. Our one employee was working her other job today and we were in a jam. I had to go get my Dad to bring him to the store to be with my Mom so she was not alone. I headed to the other side to make this delivery. I took a small detour to pick up a great pizza on that side of the water. It is sooooo good. I also went in the same shopping center to get some steamed dumplings from my old favorite Chinese restaurant. I never go to this area anymore so I had to get both things. I looked in my pocket while waiting at the Chinese restaurant and asked myself, why am I keeping this $5 Shell gift card when it is used up. I walked over to the trash can and threw it away. Well, so I thought. This evening when leaving our business I pulled out what was in my pocket and it was the gift card from Shell. So, what did I throw away? My license...... So tomorrow I get to go to the busy DMV to get a new license. Oh, Joy Joy!

Now to make you laugh... What else have I been doing with my down time? Well as you know I am on Blood Pressure meds. One of them is for fluid. Well I have eaten a lot of salty foods this past week. Because of this me and the potty are best friends. I feel like I should just stay in there for my hourly visit. You think I would learn my lesson but NO I have not. Since I have had so much salt my body wants more and more salt. I usually only use salt on rice and potatoes but right now I want it in everything. I did resist tonight though. I need to break my relationship with salt and the potty especially at the bookstore where the bathroom is near the cold warehouse with no heat. That seat is just a little too cold for my precious hiney.

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The Brown Recluse said...

Yeah, wow. That was quite a day. Glad your mom is ok!
Don't worry about that customer, she'll get over herself.
I'd be pretty mad if I tossed my license...but I've done stuff like that before, tossed cash and kept the trash...grrrr
Happy New Year!