Sunday, December 5, 2010

Natural High...

Tonight was my church's children's production. It is not the smoothest production but I love it every year. Every year I do the sound but I know all the songs, I know what they are doing and not doing. I am the assistant director.

My nephew is in it , of course. He did not steal the show this time. The show was stolen by one of our four year olds. I had to fight to get him in the production because he is not part of the children's choir. This is not a children's choir production but a children's production. He is in our children's department. To get the director to include him was like hitting a brick wall but I won. I am glad I did. I was told by her Sunday morning that he would not be there for the evening production so I never put his angel costume together. Well at 4:30, he showed up and I had to throw together an angel costume at the last minute. She was not happy. I also found him a halo. He was adorable. He stole the show on Hark the Herald Angels Sing. He also helped pass out gifts. He was adorable. I was so happy I fought to include him. Her philosophy was he was not there for practice. My philosophy was he is 4 and only 4 and he is part of our children's department so we make room for him somewhere. I am starting to take him from the nursery to the children's church and choir slowly because he is so young. I will definitely keep doing that .
In the bad and sad picture above, the fourth child from the right is the 4 year old angel I described. The third child from the right is my nephew. My nephew did a good job of helping out the 4 year old, it was so cute.

So I walked away with a natural high because I love this production. I walk away with a natural high because of fighting for the 4 year old boy to be a part of the production and winning. I walk away with a natural high because he thoroughly enjoyed his part. I walk away with a natural high after hearing the audience ooh and ahhh when he went up there. I walk away with a natural high because I love these kids .Priceless.
On another note, I made some memories with my nephew tonight. We took home the leftover cake from our refreshments. We were all in one car because we were going to see some synchronized Christmas lights. The two of us were in the third seats of the van with the cake. He would slyly take his little finger and steal icing off the cake. He got caught by his mom who started fussing about him not eating anymore sugar tonight. We both smiled as he continued to do it after she had warned him. Then we made a pitstop for him to go to the restroom. His momma stole what she thought was the only plate of cake. She didn't know we had more. He continued his tricks. Then I helped him but I gave him cake. He quietly said, " Don't give me cake only icing. " His mom heard enough to know he was still eating icing. She said, " Cameron I told you no more icing." I responded in his defense, " He is not eating icing. " I left it at that because he was not eating icing but cake. My nephew and I just grinned at each other and smirked. Some things are better left between an aunt and a nephew.


That corgi :) said...

always loved watching children's productions liked this; glad it went well and you were able to help that little one to participate in it!


The Brown Recluse said... sweet that the little one was able to join in! You did good.

I'm like your nephew, I like the icing best! lol