Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snow, here in December!

Snow... Here in Hampton Roads ,VA in December. Very rare. Snow twice in one week in the same area in December. WOWSERS!

It snowed briefly on Monday while the kids were at school. It was all gone before they went home.

Today school was cancelled last night before the snow even started. Some thought the administration stupid. I thought they were pretty smart. The storm was expected to start between 9 and 10 AM. So if it was going to be as bad as they thought then the kids would get to school, get settled then go home on bad roads.

It started snowing around 10 AM. The roads immediately got slick. I had to go pick my Dad up from an appointment. Heading there was not bad I only slid a little at a light. Heading home was treacherous. I drove less than 10 MPH the entire 7-8 mile drive. I did get a little stuck a few times. I slid a few times and my car made some awful noises on the snow when I applied the brakes. I was more than happy to go home and stay home. It didn't happen.

My Mom had driven out to take my grandfather breakfast before the snow started. She ended up staying longer than she wanted because he was telling her about two visitors he had yesterday after she left. These visitors were from social services. I don't know many details except they took pictures of his head and leg from his recent fall this week. He did not hear them knock on the door so they were able to walk right in the house without him knowing. Not a good sign for his defense or my mom's sister's defense. They said they would return today. I do not know if they did or not but they also said they were coming back on Friday. All I have to say about that is it is about time and I hope everything works to his benefit not to his wants. What some do not know, is that I know someone, a family friend, who went around calling social services and reported it to Adult Protective Services the night before. I dont know if this visit was because of the call or because of previous calls to social services from others. How coincidental, though!

Oh back to my story of driving in the snow. My mom then proceeded to drive home in the worst of the snow today. She made it about 3/4 of the way home when her nerves were shot and wanted someone to come get her. Well, my Dad cant drive so that left me. Fortunately my brother-in-law was off today and I was able to go get him and he drove my mom's car back home. I made a u-turn on the way home and whopped into the curb. Oh, it was a good driving day.

School is closed again today. The area is better but expecting a freeze again tonight. Years ago this would excite me. Now as an adult and as a substitute teacher it depresses me. That is two days without pay for me. This will hit me in January because of the pay schedule and that is the month I have two car payments due to pay off the car. Oh Bummer!

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That corgi :) said...

I am glad the Adult Protective Services is getting involved in your grandfather's care, Becky. And I'm glad they came unannounced so he wasn't prepared with any stories or whatever (you know what I mean).

I never liked driving on ice, I could manage snow but ice always freaked me out. I know exactly what sound your brakes made; I've heard it many a time.

stay safe!