Monday, December 27, 2010

Sunday... The Day of Rest

Sunday should be the day of rest, right. I waited very patiently for the call to come in that church was cancelled since we were snow covered. The first call was my co-worker in church calling to tell me she was not going to be there because of the snow and her not feeling well. She does this every time the weather changes. Why she lives in Va, I don't know. The weather changes hourly around here. What she was basically saying was I am not going to be there but you have to. Thank goodness, a few minutes later the phone call came in that church was cancelled. The only bad part is my mind did not think it was Sunday after that. I did a lot of things around the house, slowly. I did about 6 loads of laundry. Everything I wear is now washed unless it is on my body. I put up a bunch of pictures in my room that I have procrastinated. I cleaned one corner of my room. That was a doozy. I also caught up on three episodes on my DVR. I also picked up the living room some. I have two bags of clothes that are going to the thrift store. You know how hard it is for me to purge clothes. I also cooked both lunch and dinner. Wow! I did a lot and it was supposed to be the Lord's day of rest. Now my mind is off whack with what day of the week it is. I keep thinking it is Tuesday since I did not go to church yesterday.

To think.... I was just going to watch movies all day.

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