Thursday, January 6, 2011


I went to court and sat for almost two hours just to be brought in front of the judge to be asked.... "Do you owe this amount to this company?" I had no choice but to agree because the balance he said was the balance after all my recent payments. He issued the judgement. The lawyer handed me a card to call to make arrangements . The judge said, " Good Luck, Miss S" and it was over. I sat in on some stupid cases. One was a pastor trying to get out of paying a debt he owed someone. He made all sorts of excuses and changed his answers on all the questions. The Pastor looked at the judge and said, " Sir I have offered her a settlement of $1850 over the next 10 months and she will not accept it." The plaintiff laughed and said, " You owe me $3500 and have not made an attempt to pay that. Why would I reduce it?" To listen to this man hum and haw and avoid truthful answers without technically lying was unbelievable. The spectators were laughing. To think what kind of witness was he to the judge and the courtroom.

After leaving the courthouse I went across to City Hall to surprise a friend ( my second mother) that has dropped to the wayside. We have made contact over the holidays but no definite plans. We made plans for tomorrow night and she was so happy to see us. My mom and I walked away blessed and we knew we had blessed her.

After leaving City Hall and since I already had the day off , we drove and hour and half to Petersburg to see my great-aunt who is under hospice care. She shocked us and looked great. She is starting to lose her memory. She recognized my mom and was so excited to see her. She recognized me and knew I was her great-niece but could not remember my name. She suffered a stroke not too long ago. She looked so good today, I was so shocked. We blessed her and she blessed us.

My mom's cousin came and met us there. My mom and him are like brother/sister but never see each other. I have made more of an effort lately to meet him and his wife so that my mom and him will have a family connection in the midst of all her turmoil right now. We got there at 2:30. We left the assisted living at 5 then went by their house then went out to dinner. We got back to our city and home at 10 PM. Our cousin and his wife love when we get together. His wife loves how her husband lights up and enjoys my mom's company. She enjoys that her and I get along and can have our own conversations and enjoy them. So we blessed them and ourselves with our visits today. Our only regret was that we were running behind and were not able to see the other cousin , it was his mom that we were visiting. He had a meeting from 2-5. We did not call him to invite him to Friendly's because he is NOT a Friendly's restaurant eater. He is more like Outback or pricier. We love him anyway and hope to catch up with him soon.

So after a day that started off rough and not in my favor , God led us to bigger things and to Bless others while being so blessed ourselves. What a Blessed day.


That corgi :) said...

I think it was neat how you summed up the whole day, Becky. It did seem like a blessed day and it will be okay; you will make your payments and in time it will be all done and you will move on wiser, but still blessed!


The Brown Recluse said...

That was kinda stupid to have to go to court to be told to do something you were going to do anyway. That credit company you used sound like they don't think things through very well.

Negotiate the payments for something that you can easily do. When they say "We must have $$$!" You say, "I will give you $$$ each month until it's paid in full." Don't let 'em bully you!

Sounds like the rest of your day was a day of the best kind...time with family!