Sunday, January 23, 2011

Prayer Request...

Please pray for my Sister-In-Law and her family. Her father died yesterday morning. She flew out this morning. She had already bought the ticket when she heard he was failing fast. My brother will fly out Tuesday to attend the services with her. She has arrived safely. Also pray for safe traveling mercies for him.

Also uplift my cousin in prayer. He had to have emergency hernia surgery Wednesday night. It was something that had been bothering him awhile but never told anybody. It was beyond bothering him on Wednesday when he went to the ER and had surgery within a few hours of arriving. He is a music major in his junior year in which it is mostly music classes this semester. He can not blow his trumpet for 6 weeks. Pray that the college cooperates and that he is able to continue his classes this semester.

Pray for my Dad also. He is recuperating. His cataract surgery has not been rescheduled but court was. His doctor highly recommended a lawyer so a friend of the family will be going with him in February with the medical records. He probably will still lose his license for 6 months.

Pray for me to find sub jobs this week. It is the end of the semester and high school exam time. High school teachers do not miss school during this week. That means all the subs that only do high school will also try for the middle school and elementary jobs. So, what positions do come available, there are more of us fending for them. I do have one tomorrow at an elementary school I frequent, Praise the Lord. Continue to pray for my Full Time job search also. I need more money and health insurance.

A good friend's mother is battling breast cancer. My sister's best friend is also battling breast cancer and starting radiation.There are so many more requests that I could type all night. Some are my personal requests but others are for people around me.

Lord , surround all my friends that are hurting right or sick now. May they feel your presence and know that you are in control... Amen

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