Friday, February 4, 2011

When you think your life is tough...

When you think your life is tough, try walking through someone else's shoes.

I have been battling the winter blues. Not wanting to do anything. Not even exercise. I have been sneaking more veggies into my diet though but not avoiding eating wrong. Just been down in the dumps waiting for spring.

I read the obituaries yesterday when I saw a friend (long old friend from years ago) of mine's father. I had just worked with her last week and knew her father had his leg amputated due to complications of diabetes. Her father was younger than mine so it hit home on how precious life is. Then I mentioned it to a mutual friend last night at a meeting. She asked if I knew about my friend's sister's husband. I knew the sister off and on through the years from camp and her husband was a contractor so my previous job he came through alot. I knew they were separated. What I didn't know was that he had committed suicide last week. Her sister buried her husband one Friday then buried her Father the following Friday. Separated or not, it was still her husband. How devastating all in one week's time. My heart just aches for her. She is the same age as I am and is now the single mother of 3.

You always think you are going through a valley until you hear someone else's problems. It is then you realize you really are not in a valley but climbing up the mountain compared to their problems.

Help me to keep on climbing, Lord.

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