Sunday, February 6, 2011


Why are avocados so good? Bland but real good when lightly salted. Why do I have to salt avocados? I don't salt any other fruit.
Why are they a fruit when they are so savory and not sweet? I know, I know they have a seed. So technically tomatoes and cucumbers are a fruit too, right. Yes, I salt them too sometimes.
Why do they have so much fat? I know it is a good fat but 26 grams of it, wow!

How did I eat a whole 12 oz bag of Christmas peanut M & M's over the last week? Can I say they were a healthy fat too? I did read that gastric bypass patients eat them as a treat because of the protein levels. One thing though, I have not had gastric bypass. At least it was over a week's time and not all in one night, right.

Why did walking one mile today wear me out? I am exhausted. That is sad.

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The Brown Recluse said...

If it's any consolation, you are not alone! lol So why didn't you share them-thar M&M's???