Monday, February 28, 2011

It was good

I tried to make poached salmon for the first time this evening. I succeeded in making poached salmon this evening. It was ummh-ummh good. It was oh so moist. It was oh so tasty. I want some more.

I am not a recipe follower. I looked at one and thought, Ok what can I do. This is what I did. I sauteed a few green onions with garlic and olive oil. Then I added enough water to cover an inch of the pan. I added some Old Bay, butter and some salmon seasonings we already had. Let it come to a boil then placed my big piece of salmon in the pan. I put a few of the fresh green onions on top and some Old Bay. Let it boil then cover it for about 12-15 minutes. I had a big piece of salmon, you can adjust this by just uncovering and check to see if the salmon flakes.

I will never bake or broil salmon again. I may never grill it again either. This was that good.


The Brown Recluse said...

It doesn't sound that hard, either. Ole Boy loves salmon....I may have to try something like that.

That corgi :) said...

that does sound good; hubby usually grills the salmon and it comes out flaky; I'll have to see if he wants to try poaching it some time

and salmon is such a good fish to eat in more ways than one!