Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kids can be cruel...

"Man she eats a dozen doughnuts. "

"Not just doughnuts probably cheeseburgers too."

" Man, she is huge."


"She might eat you too."


" Look at how fat that sub is."


More laughs.

Yep this is what I heard today in the hallway before classes started. This was by far the the cruelest kids yet I have endured. I pretended to ignore them. It was getting to me though but I would not show it. Class bell rings, announcements are over and then I introduce myself. This was followed by a lecture of how immature these kids were and questioning if they had ever seen an overweight individual before because they were acting like they have not. I also informed them that I was here the day before for a lower class and they acted more mature then this upper class of middle schoolers. I also told them that I do not eat a dozen doughnuts or cheeseburgers but that people are all different sizes. Their mouths dropped and the room was silent. You see, they had just been called out for their foolishness.

The principal came by to see me later in the day inquiring about my day. I told him everything. He was embarrassed and ashamed. He was feeling me out to see if I would say anything because the teacher in the next class had heard it herself and had already reported it. He agreed with me that the kids he has this year were cruel. He was thoroughly embarrassed.

I refused to let this get to me. I refused to let these middle-schoolers see me get upset or cry. When I lectured them I kept a straight face. No emotions. This taunting went through my head for hours. I wanted to just leave but I refused to let them know they had run me away. I would prevail. I survived the rest of the day until I was leaving. As I passed some girls outside to leave. One looked back at me , laughs and then says, "Whoah." That was it for me. When I made it to my car, the tears came. I had lasted all day but that was the final straw.

I am due to go back there Thursday. I have had good days at this school, this was a first. I have been wavering with cancelling the job and going somewhere else that day. There is that part of me though that refuses to let the kids get to me.

I must confess a few hours later I did go get a doughnut. I tried not to but after all that crudeness today, my emotional eating gave in.


The Brown Recluse said...

Well, Becky, I'm sorry. You handled it the best you could...and I'm sure a doughnut was calling your name.

I'm sure your speech touched some of the kids. Some won't ever get it, but for the ones who did...they'll never do that to anyone else.

Hang in there.

That corgi :) said...

((Becky)) I am so sorry! Those kids definitely lacked compassion. As a parent, I would be appalled if my child did such a thing to a teacher or to any other person and I would want to know about it so they would apologize and have to have some type of discipline to remind them of how to treat others. I think you need to do what is right for you about going back to that school. I agree with Meg that some will get it, some won't get what you said. And that is sad that they are so "jaded" at such a young age. How sad for all, you, the principal, but especially for the kids who unless some earth shattering thing happens to them will continue to carry this uncompassion and respect with them into their adult life. You almost got to feel sorry for them yet I know they did hurt you so very much with their cruel words. Just remember who you are in the eyes of the Lord. What he thinks of you is all that matters and to him, you are deeply loved.

hugs to you