Tuesday, January 11, 2011


UPDATE: Praise the Lord. I found my money. It was on my dresser where I never ever leave my money. I do not remember even going in there except to get my laptop off the bed. Thank You Lord, my spirits have been lifted. I know I was way too emotional for $14. I have also been emotional and frustrated because it has been hard to find positions this week and last. There was a new sub orientation right before the holidays so they are beating me to jobs online. I miss them by seconds sometimes. I was at the computer from 6-11 PM last night refreshing the page. I woke up at 3 AM and was able to get one from my least favorite school. The school that is mentioned later in my post. They were horrible. Tonight I have been checking since 4:30 and just now able to get one at 10:30 PM. Usually I am booked a week ahead but these past two weeks I am up late every night trying for a job for the next day. Lord, lead me to right steady position where my gifts can be used daily.


I can not afford to lose any money, not even a quarter. Four quarters make a dollar. Five dollars equal a little bit of gas. This is the month that I am real tight with two car payments. Next month will be too because I will be digging out of the hole to make those two payments.

Last week, I stopped by Hardee's for breakfast. A whole $2.22. I had not been to the grocery store to get anything for breakfast. The cashier handed me my change with the bills on the bottom of the change. The quarters then fell out on the ground, all three of them. The cashier says, " Have a nice day." I opened my car door to get the quarters but could not reach them. There was a car behind me. I just had to drive off. I was peeved because to me 75 cents adds up. I just drove down the road hoping that the person who picked it up needs it and would be blessed.

Today, I decided to treat myself to an apple fritter at 7-11. I had a bad teaching day. I had my nephew with me and he bought a cheap ice cream. The total was $3.05. I had $17 in ones in my pocket from breaking my last $20 bill at lunch at school. So I took out $3 and put the rest in my pocket. I just now went to clear my pockets out and there is nothing there. Nothing. I have looked where I always drop my pocket change, nothing. The money is not here. It is no where. It is not in my jacket pocket nor my car. I am actually crying over $14. This is sad but it is the only money I have to my name for awhile and now it is gone. It makes me angry. I want to think someone has it that needed but I NEED IT. I don't mean to sound selfish but I need it bad.

I just don't understand when I am trying to overcome being at my lowest that I would lose money. I can not afford to lose money. It just saddens me. I have learned my lessons with money but why when I am already low does something have to happen to make me go even lower. I just don't understand.

Dear Lord,
Please lift me up and help me through this valley. I know it is the devil playing games with me. I know that is how he works. Please be by my side. Lord, if there is someone that really needed that money more than me, let it bless them. I trust you Lord and know you will take care of me through this valley in life with finances and jobs.

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The Brown Recluse said...

Hey Girl...I think it wasn't the $14 per se, but more the stress of the whole money situation that made you so emotional. I do understand. I've been there, raising a kid with no child support, working two jobs just to pay rent. I understand! So glad you found the money.