Friday, January 7, 2011

Little White String....

Little White String, Little White String....

Little white string, oh how you drive me crazy! You are about 2 feet long and very thin. In fact, I think you are from an old mini blind. Why oh why did my cat have to find you and choose to play with you for the last two weeks?

Every room I go into , my cat follows me eventually dragging his little white string in his mouth. If I go in the bathroom to take a shower. He barges the door open before I get in wanting me to play with him and the little white string. I tangle it up around the faucet and it occupies him until I get out. I go in the kitchen and here he comes with his little white string. I sit at the computer and here he comes with his little white string. Its not that he just carries it around everywhere. He wants me to pick it up and play with him, constantly. I will throw it and he will run after it just to bring it back to me as a hint to play with him and his little white string. He prefers for me to hold it and move it while he chases it. I throw it and have him chase it to give me a one minute break. It takes just about that amount of time for him to bring it back.

Oh, here he comes again. I love to play with him but his insistence of constant play with this little white string is driving me crazy. Now where can I hide this little white string.... It is useless because in the process of cleaning this week we found his old long red string. So he will have a little red string to drive me batty with if I "accidentally" lose this little white string.

Anybody want a little white string?Postage paid.

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