Monday, January 17, 2011

My life...

My life.... It changes anyday at any given time.

Today, my mom headed out to check on my grandfather this morning. Shortly after she leaves my Dad's doctor calls returning his call about paperwork he needs for court tomorrow. They asked my Dad if he could get there within the hour because the doctor was there. I rushed to get ready, my nephew rushed to get ready. We drop my Dad off at the side wing of one of the local hospitals at his doctor's office. We leave and head to the skating rink. My mom is going to pick him up after the doctor talks to him about his paperwork for court and the DMV. Then she was going to take him home and meet us at the rink. She called at 12:46 to tell me she was on the way to the office to get my Dad and would try to head to the rink after that. I keep looking for her and looking for her and looking for her. I finally call her and she says she is not coming because my Dad is being admitted to Riverside. I was in shock and disbelief because he was fine when I dropped him off. What had happened? The doctor decided to do another reading on his defibrillator today and found out that it has gone off 12 times just since mid-December and his battery was dead. In November his battery was at 25% and they were not concerned because he had it over 5.5 years and only used 75% of it. The doctor did not want him transferred to my Dad's preferred hospital because he felt it was too dangerous to transfer him and he would not let him go home because it was too dangerous. If his heart went into V-Tach, his pacemaker nor defibrillator would help him, It was dead, kapoop. So tomorrow he is having a new device installed . It should not be as intense as the first one because they don't have to put the wires on his heart, just connect the current wires to the new machine with new batteries.

Think about divine intervention. He had just seen the doctor three weeks ago. The office was behind in processing the paperwork for court and today was the last day he could get it to have for tomorrow at court. This all happens on a holiday in which I was off work, home and able to leave so fast to get him to the appointment for the papers. The doctor decides that out of the blue he wants to do another reading on his heart only to discover that in the three weeks since the reading the battery has died and it was not even a concern three weeks ago. Wow! How else could that doctor have wanted to do another reading today? What started out as a routine appointment to "talk" to the doctor for some papers for court turned into a hospital visit and defibrillator replacement.

As for court, the doctor's office called to have it continued. I am having my mom call again tomorrow morning just to make sure so he does not get charged for bring a NO SHOW. He also started his drops this morning for cataract surgery on Wednesday. That too has been postponed.

Thank You, Lord!


The Brown Recluse said...

That's some story! Just proof of God's involvement in our lives!

That corgi :) said...

It is amazing to see how God weaves things together like this. I am so thankful to him for intervening like this! I'm sure your dad's procedure will go well tomorrow!