Friday, January 16, 2009

Yesterday.. Proof God is God

Last night I was going to post on this but was exhausted and went to bed early, way early for me. Yesterday's plane crash, oh my. I was horrified when I heard about it then astonished when I heard everyone got out alive. How could that have possibly happened? Plane crashes in the water and everyone lives to tell about it. Impossible. Nope not impossible with my God. Praise God! That was two miracles in one week that I have seen. What an awesome God! Every time I get on a plane , I pray that God will hold the plane in his hands and guide us safely to our destination. That is indeed what he did yesterday with that plane. They did not make it to their destination but God guided them to safety. WOW! WOW! WHAT AN AWESOME GOD!

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a corgi said...

Amen to that Becky! that's the first thing I said "the Lord landed that plane, and thank you Lord" when my hubby told me the news!

my brother prays for everything/one on the plane when he flies; he used to hate to fly but now that he prays for the captain, plane, etc he just puts it in the Lord's hands and enjoys the flight :)