Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jesus Take THe Wheel...

No time for full detail but that song by Carrie Underwood has new meaning. A 10 hour drive turned into 15 hours. I will say we got the tail wind of a tractor trailer coming over on us who then adjusted but after our scooter ramp and transport in the back took control of the car. Four lanes of traffic on a busy interstate, I think we did one complete 360 but my brother believes it was two complete 360's and one telephone poll that we missed by only feet. All of us walked away and no oncoming cars were hit by us nor were hit by our scooter which went flying in the 360. According to the witness behind us the tire in our car blew out from the pressure of the tractor trailer backdraft when we swerved because the tractor trailer was coming over on us. He also said that at one point he thought we were going to flip when the second back tire blew out during our spin or spins.. Praise God we did not. The state trooper saw both blown tires and the tire marks and also said it was amazing we did not flip. We know why and we praise God for our safety.

As I said, Jesus took the wheel because we were in the hands of God because my mom was at the wheel and her hands were not on it because she was freaking out. I was coming over the seat to get the wheel because she was not knowing what to do and I could not reach it. I am amazed.

To top it off we took it to Firestone and we only needed two new tires. Total of $100.

Wow, have to run but wanted to give praise.


a corgi said...

Thank you Jesus for keeping Becky and her parents safe!!! oh my gosh; all I can say is THANK YOU JESUS!!!

(((Becky and family)))


Jenn said...

Becky, I am so sorry about your scare. Jesus definitely had his angels watching over you! I'm so glad none of you were hurt!! Thank the Lord.

Thanks also for your prayers also. This New Year has not been good so far. I miss my grandmother so much but I know where she is.