Thursday, January 22, 2009

My ears are driving me crazy...

Ever since driving some of the hills of Georgia and having a cold my ear pressure has been all messed up. One ear gets clear and the other clogs. I have tried gum, blowing while holding my nose, and decongestant. Nothing worked.
Today I had a doctor's appointment for my blood pressure, which is great. I had him check my ears. My left ear has been the main problem. He looked at both . Well, my left ear is fine and dandy but my right ear is on the verge of infection. Go figure and try to figure that out. I can't.


Jenn said...

Hope your ears start feeling better. I know that hurts!

Hey, can I put a link on my blog for your blog? I love it!

Winivere said...

Hope you feel better fast. I have ear infections often. I hate that. Be careful that you don't lose your balance.