Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Oh different thoughts...

  1. I have discovered So far on day 2, I love it. Now why did no one tell me about this before when I was paying for another weight loss program both online and in meetings. Boy did I waste some money. If you go by there and sign up it will ask you who referred you, put in RMSLIL, that's me.
  2. I am leaving Saturday for a business trip to Atlanta. I am a bargain shopper for almost everything. Well I can not stand to pay outrageous rates for a hotel. I will spend hours looking for an off-site hotel for cheap that isn't a dump. I have only gone wrong once and that was in New Orleans( that is a post in itself) . Well I have put off booking our hotel rooms, I just was not satisfied with the rates or with the reviews if I found a good rate. Tonight I received an email from Double Tree, I joined their email when I booked my brother's honeymoon suite. Well the email was for a weekend special but I clicked the link and put in my stats and I found an awesome rate of $55 a night under the senior rate. I know I am not a senior but my parents are traveling too and they are. The best part is we needed two rooms and you could get two rooms under this rate if you are family and indeed we are. All of the other rates were $109 and above. I am so stoked. The other rate I found was $70 and $80 at Wyndham and was going to book that but had procrastinated. See how God works.
  3. Early in my days I have all these thoughts that I want to post about and then at night when I have the time , I totally forget what I was going to post about. I guess my mind is starting to get old.
  4. Ohhh yeah, I went to the doctor yesterday for a shot and was weighed.... I don't know how but I actually lost during Christmas. Really I did not do bad but I did not do good. I ate regular foods but all the desserts were were not a temptation.
  5. Please remember my friend, Jen that I mentioned in previous posts about her baby in prayer. She lost her grandmother Monday. She has been through alot since Christmas and before. Jen, I am praying for you and am sorry about your grandmother.

Well off to bed I go. I go from no posts to having lots to tell you about. Toodles!

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a corgi said...

Sparkspeople is supposed to be a great weight loss site! in my work (typing medical reports) one person I type for always recommends this for people to help keep on track for weight loss

good for you for losing weight during the holidays!

the Doubletree makes the best chocolate chip cookies! they used to (don't know if they still do) leave a freshly baked warm cookie on your bed pillow at night; they are worth the calories believe you me