Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2011 Has to be better...

Some may ask why I post such personal things on here. Well, I consider my blog readers to be friends too. Friends that will lift you when you are down and pray for you on the ups and the downs of life.

I thought my financial situation was turning around. I had talked to most of my companies and made arrangements. One of the companies I made arrangements with sent me a Warrant of Debt today because of missing the October payment. I was under the impression that they would automatically take out this payment every month.Why else would it be called a monthly payment? Why else would he get all my bank information to make auto withdrawals? So when my account rep called I did not think anything of it, I thought he was calling me to remind me that the payment was going through. How nice of him, I thought. Then a few weeks later I get a letter stating my agreement had been breached and they would start legal proceedings. My account rep called again and that is when I was told he would call every month to authorize the payment. I made arrangements for the October and November payments. They took out one of them last week and are supposed to take another out two weeks later. Today , I get home and have a Warrant of Debt from my city with a court date of January 6 concerning this same bill. I am scared and flabbergasted. This was processed October 26.

It is not as if I was dodging them. I have made contact and am trying to pay the bill. Why waste your time on someone who is trying? There are thousands of people not trying. I honestly think if my wages were garnished that it would be less than my monthly payment now.

I sit back thinking what else could possibly go wrong in my life right now. I cant find a full-time job. I am looking. I have applied for marketing jobs, teaching jobs in every city and district around here, day-care jobs. I don't know what else to do. I am substituting every day that I can which has been almost every day but the first two weeks of school.

So my last post talked about me turning to soda in stress. I must confess this evening I have been stress eating. I have had three of those Banquet Salisbury steaks, some Stauffers Mac and Cheese and then the gravy from the Salisbury Steaks was so good that I had to fry some french fries to go with it. I learned that from my few months of working at a steak house. I know it is not healthy but it is comfort food. The only problem, I am not comforted but actually have a headache now. I ate all this while watching the Biggest Loser too. Isn't that sad?

Please pray for some positive changes in my life.


That corgi :) said...

I hope Becky that this company will see that it was a misunderstanding on your part about the payment. I would have thought they would automatically deduct the payment too! I hope you can get a grip and control on your stress eating; turn it over to God and trust in him; he knows all that is going on in your life and is there for you. I will continue to pray for you.


Marcia said...

Get some good sleep, and start over tomorrow. There is nothing you can do now about what you did earlier, so try to right the wrong suitations. Call the company and see if they will accept payment now. Once they do accept the payment, court will be easy, since you will have proof they accept the payment. Eating is our downfall... Tomorrow just eat lighter healthier foods. WATER, LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER! good luck, also try exercizing tomorrow it helps the mind body and spirit. HUGS my friend