Monday, November 8, 2010

This and That, Again....

A little of this and a little of that, again....

  • Morphine brings out the truth in everyone.... Wednesday night I ended up in the ER with my mom. She was having sudden back pains that started at 6 PM and got progressively worse through the evening. At 10 pM, I convinced her to go to the ER because the pain was going across her stomach a tightening her stomach. I knew this did not sound right. So , they suspected it was a kidney stone and ordered her morphine. Within an hour they see her pain and give her more morphine. Suddenly, she looks over at me and says, " WOW, You need to color your hair. Your roots are like 3" long and boy do you have some grey." That made me feel so good and I looked at her and said "No more morphine for you because you just blurt out what comes to your mind, Wow!" Even the nurse was laughing. Well, she did not have a kidney stone but a severe kidney infection that supposedly had no symptoms until the terrible backpain that night. She said it was worse than labor pains. Just for the record, I colored my hair last night and washed those greys right out. There were only about 5 strands of grey.
  • I was substituting at my Alma Mater the other day. Yes, I go back there even if I did not get the job there. I had three really good classes which is unusual for this school. I did get mad because during my break I had to get called to another class because the teacher had to leave suddenly. I really don't mind doing that as long as it is not PE. Well it was PE. He was having class outside where it was somewhat chilly and I only had a light jacket and I was not in PE clothes but nice clothes. I really looked odd out there for that hour and a half. Off to my story, I enjoyed a conversation with two African-American girls that were trying to stay on the right path by not getting pregnant in high school like their siblings. They had watched their sisters struggle as single parents and decided they wanted to wait until after college to have kids. One of them was a basketball player. I was telling her that I had played there for two years. She was impressed. I told her that Coach M was coaching the boys back then too like he is now. She then proceeded to say " Coach M is old, he was here coaching before I was even born." I looked and chuckled. I told her that I graduated from here before she was born. Her mouth dropped and she said, " You don't look that old ." I really think she was trying to give me a compliment and not tell me that I am old. What do you think?
  • I have to throw in two advertisements, both are for Virginia peanuts. I am a born and raised in Virginia. I know Virginia ham and peanuts. Personally, Virginia ham is too salty for me. I like a Pagan ham. As for the peanuts, there are no peanuts like Virginia peanuts. I went to a bazaar this weekend and sampled my second favorite peanut. They are garlic flavored Virginia peanuts. Oh my, I can not stop eating them. Here is their link: I have never had garlic seasoned ones before . They are delicious for garlic flavored. My ultimate favorite peanut in Virginia is : . I just buy the salted ones from them and their chocolate peanut clusters. Oh my. Take it from a Virginian these are the best peanuts out there. You will never buy regular canned peanuts again. Well worth the money.

Well toodles for now. School is out here today and I have some reorganizing to do. Yeah right but it is on my agenda.

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That corgi :) said...

too cute about your mom's comments, but sorry she had so much pain with her kidney infection. Hope she is feeling better by now. Love that those two girls were thinking about not having kids until after college, now hoping they are going to be responsible with their decision and take adequate precautions if they decide to do something they shouldn't until after they are married