Monday, November 1, 2010

Call me Cake MacGyver....

Dinner at the restaurant is at 6 PM.
I walk into a department store , Rose's at 5:37 PM to buy my sister a birthday card.
My cell phone rings at 5:38 Pm, it is my brother in law. Frantic because he asked his neighbor to bake my sister a cake and she forgot. He wants to know if I can pick one up on my way to the restaurant. Oh sure, I say.
Panic sets in, I dont have time to go get a cake.
I look around the department store. I find a fruit cake, nope wont do. I find a pound cake. This place does not normally have pound cakes. Hmmh, what can I do....Well I run back to their tiny food section, I mean tiny. Voila.... Betty Crocker funfetti icing. Then I find a container and a pack of knives. Purchase and out to the car I go.
I sit in the car and icing the pound cake and close up the container and am proud. Nothing fancy but proud I pulled a cake out of nowhere with nothing.
She laughs and laughs and so did he. Everyone has a small piece and it was quite tasty, it had a slight lemon flavor.
SO.....pound cake $1
icing $1.75
container $1
knives $1

Memories and laughter ....priceless

Here is the master piece.....

Just call me MacGyver. Just give me 5 minutes and an imagination.

I am glad it was met with laughter because I really goofed on her card. I found a funny card but did not pay attention to the cat on the front that looks just like their cat that died last week. I felt horrible but I was paying attention to the words and never noticed the cat nor the similarities. What a heel !


The Brown Recluse said...

Not a heel! You did good!

That corgi :) said...

that cake looks cute! and very clever of you on how you solved the problem!! hope your sister had a great birthday celebration and day!


Marcia said...

Awesome Job!! i am so proud of you!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Great idea....!!!
You did good..!