Sunday, November 14, 2010

Has society really not come beyond this....

Red font because I am mad. Some people may get mad at my opinion but I don't care it is my blog. I thought about this for several nights before posting this and decided to just do it.

I went to a concert the other night. A Christian Southern Gospel type of concert that travels the USA. A very well known traveling group with many, many different artists. The kind of group where at 37, I was considered the young one. I referred to it as a grey-haired , bouffant convention.

What could make me so mad? Why do we still act like this ? No wonder, we still have so many people playing the race card because we are an idiotic society, that's why.

This concert had many artists with all the same type of music, southern gospel. Of course all but one artist was white. The one artist was African-American. Boy , oh boy can she sing. She sings great soprano. No yelling, no screaming but awesome soprano.

So what happened, you ask? This is what happened. When she came on to perform about 1/8 of the audience suddenly had to go to the restroom. I knew this was going to happen because I had an idiot behind me who stated..." Oh, here she comes. Time for me to go to the bathroom." His wife proceeded to talk to her neighbor the entire time. Even the person I went with suddenly needed a restroom break. I wanted to think all this was just coincidental but no it wasn't. You see when the other groups came on after her, hardly anyone had to go anywhere. They were rejoicing and clapping.

What proved my theory true? About 4 -5 songs after intermission , she stood up to sing again. It all occurred again. About 1/8 of the audience had to have a restroom break again. The man behind me said...." Oh mercy, I have to get out of here." His wife once again started a conversation with her neighbor. I was almost to the point of tears at how people were behaving to a black woman. She could see the people leaving and stood their and sang her music just as if she could see nothing. What a woman!

As long as we as society keep acting stupid then the racism card is going to be used over and over and over again. There is no need in such stupidity. GOD created all of us equally. You may say it does not exist. Oh, it exists. I saw it first-hand. I also believe if these same people were blind-folded they never would have known she was black. Nope, they would not.

I have decided to pray for these people and their attitudes and also to pray for my attitude for calling them stupid and idiotic but at this time that is how I feel. I am sorry, please forgive me.


That corgi :) said...

best thing you can do is pray for them, Becky. Unfortunately, for some, it is soooo deep rooted within them from their growing up days they know no different. But it still is sad!


The Brown Recluse said...

I went to a Gaither show a couple of years ago in Nashville. When Lynda Randle came on, no one acted that way.
I wonder if they just didn't like her voice or her songs? Maybe it is not that she's black. I hope, anyway.