Monday, November 22, 2010

Modge Podge Again...

Another post with multiple thoughts....

  • I made my crock pot macaroni and cheese again and this time it was not quite as good. There is a reason though. My directions were not followed. I fixed all the ingredients in the crock pot the night before except the noodles. I placed the crock in the refrigerator. My instructions to my mother were to add a box of noodles but make sure the milk covers the noodles then to cook it for four hours. I talked to her during my lunch and that should have been a clue. She said, I did not need to add any milk because the noodles were covered and you could not even see them. I thought nothing of it. When I came home that afternoon, I stirred the mixture and was shocked. The noodles had disintegrated. Then I looked at the counter and noticed the full box of noodles never opened. I pieced it all together, she had never added the noodles. She thought I had already added the noodles and that she needed to add milk. Sometimes I wonder about her. So we had milky cheese soup. I did add the noodles in for the last hour and they did cook but it was not as good as the last time because the cheese had clumped together after cooking for three hours with nothing else to stick to.
  • I started my walking back today. I know this is a bad week to start a routine but I could not keep saying, next week and then next week never comes. My mom, nephew and I went for a 20 minute walk in the neighborhood behind our business. Well, we walked and he roller-bladed. It was nice but wherever I go trouble follows, literally. A cute long-haired orange tabby cat was laying in her yard when she spotted my nephew. She evidently loves kids and came out to meet us in the street. I approached her to make sure she was friendly and sure enough she was. She followed us for three blocks until we went back to our business. The cat lover in me was then worried about her finding her way back . I was able to pick her up and love on her. I took her in the store where she was quite intrigued. I then was able to put her in my car and drive her back home. I am now worried that she will find her way back to us because she liked us so much. She really followed my nephew but I was the one who was able to hold her and get her back to where she needed to go.
  • Someone asked me last week on motivation techniques. I have only one. It is You can log your food, which I haven't lately. You can log your exercises and earn points for virtual trophies. Surprisingly enough this does motivate me. When I am walking and exercising, I catch myself thinking about the number of points I will get today for exercising. It is funny though that something I will never physically have can motivate me.
  • Update on the situation with my grandfather. He is still staying alone. My mom goes out there five mornings a week to see to it that he has breakfast and some kind of sandwich for the rest of the day. He never eats the sandwich or meal that she leaves, only the breakfast that she cooks. He drinks Ensure the rest of the day. My mom's sister , well she comes on Wednesday night to Thursday morning and for a few hours on Sunday. She had a conversation with my cousin about the will. She claims, if she told her the truth, that the will was not changed. I wont believe her until I see it. What was changed? A living trust was formed giving her full charge of all financial decisions for him while he is alive. At which time he deceases , she then becomes the executor. She claims he asked for this, I don't believe it. He does not even know anything about a living trust. She convinced him of this when she found out it was true that he had looked into removing her from the will. This guarantees her spot in the will and gives her full control of him and the money. She must be in full control. This also prevents my mother and family from making any decisions while she is on one of her many vacations should something happen to him. She still feels we told the ER to admit both of them in April for no reason and that neither one of them were sick. He did not have pneumonia and stay in a week and my grandmother did not leave under hospice care and pass away a week later. Nope, all that was not necessary according to her. The ER just admitted them because we told them to according to her. As for his driver's license. His doctor refused to sign the papers to send to the DMV to renew his license. He went off on the doctor who then walked out. Somehow, she found another doctor to sign the needed paperwork. So at 96.5 , he can drive according to the law. She is the only one in the family who thinks he can. He drove Halloween weekend and hit something because his car is scratched and dented. He cant hear and he cant walk but he can press the gas and maneuver a car, according to her. I do not trust his driving . I pray he does not hurt anyone else when he does drive.

Well that is it for the moment..... Toodles.

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That corgi :) said...

How cute with the cat! I have heard of dogs following people, but not cats! She definitely must have liked you and your nephew!! Good for you for getting back into the walking routine.

Wouldn't you think the DMV (Department of motor vehicles or whoever you call it in your state) would want the elderly person in their office taking a driver's test to see if they were proficient to drive? I feel for you Becky. Hubby's dad is still driving at 87 years old though his doctor eluded to the fact he shouldn't but kind of asked him to not drive and promise that he wouldn't drive so she wouldn't have to turn in the paperwork for him to lose his license, figuring that would depress him not having the independence of a license, but she didn't want him driving. He has rheumatoid arthritis and asked a friend one time to start his car for him because of the pain, he couldn't turn the key. I said to my husband "that's no friend if they would turn the key and not question his driving ability". I too fear that he will hurt/kill someone. If I was the blood relation, I would take away the license and hide the car keys no matter what, but I'm not the blood relation.

It is sooo sad with your grandfather's situation with you all. I am praying though about it.