Friday, July 31, 2009

I am mad...

I am mad. I am very mad at a family member. Same family member that almost had me kicked out of Rockefeller center two years ago after the Rockette's when she decided to get in my face when I called her out on something. I do not do this until I have really had it and I had really had it with her in NY. I thought about not posting this because of this person but only one person that reads my blog knows who she is in real life and I do not really care right now. It is my blog and I can write whatever I want.

This aunt of mine, well she is a doozy to deal with. She is the oldest child and is manipulative and needs to be in control and feel important. She has informed my grandparents, her parents ( my mom's parents too ) that she is the only one who can take her parents to the doctor. She is in control of them medically. She has also bought them through the years and they never stand up to her either. Well you see, both her and my mom have power of attorney, she is not in control. My mom has decided some battles are worth battling and some are not so she has stopped battling until today. You see last week while on vacation my aunt broke her arm and can not drive. My mom and my cousin both informed her that my mom could take my 91 and 95 year old grandparents to their doctor's appointments during this time. Oh no, she would have no part of this. She has convinced my granddad at 95 to come pick her up at home before going to appointments. Well, today she had an appointment within one hour of an appointment for them. She had her daughter take her to her appointment and informed my grandfather to come pick her up. She gave him some shoddy directions. I get a phone call at our business from a familiar number but I did not recognize the voice. To cut some details out,it is my grandparents cell number and I am informed from this lady that she is in a parking lot with my grandparents and they are confused and lost. See my aunt had them going to a place they had never been. I left work to go meet them so at this point I am furious. Furious because she is so selfish and controlling that she sent them to somewhere they did not know and put them in a vulnerable position. I get to where they are and tell my grandfather I am driving and he quickly got out despite being 95. He usually will say something to defend her. He knew I was mad, not at them , but at her and he had nothing to say.

I was told to go pick her up. I went to look for her and at age 36 with the directions she gave me, I could not find the place. I am just getting madder and madder. At this point, I called my mom and said a few words like.. "to h*&# with my aunt, I am taking them to their doctor's appointment and she can sit at the office until someone comes to get her. " ( Sorry guys, I only use profanity when I am mad and that word is actually in the Bible.) My mom is in another part of town and is the go-between because when I tried to call my aunt she did not answer her cell phone. I would love to have seen her face when she found out I was not coming to pick her up and I was taking them to the doctor , not her. When my mom informed her, you know what she said..."Well how am I going to get home?" No inquiries on how her parents are, only about her. I almost called her back to tell her butt to walk home but at this point my mind is on getting my grandmother to her appointment. Well we get there and I get her in the office and I am in the office with my grandmother and the doctor. She comes waltzing in, she had my cousin come and get her and take her to my grandmother's appointment. She walks in and I am the one talking to the doctor and she is not happy. Even after she arrives the doctor continues to talk to me and not her and I just sat and listened. I know it was killing her. I was actually blocked and could not leave. I saw my police officer cousin in the hallway beckoning me to come out. Number one, he was scared there was going to be an argument in the doctor's office and was trying to get me out before words were exchanged. You see his wife was in NY when the fallout happened at Rockefeller Center and she was scared. Number two, he was my ride back to my vehicle. My aunt looked at me and said, " Thank you sweetie, you are such a sweetheart." See ever since the Ny incident she has kissed my butt because she knows she pushed me too far that night. I have been cool to her ever since. I gave her my look that kills and answered her with this, " Fefe has to go to the bathroom." . You see I know when the proper time is and when it is not. This situation is far from over though. Far from over.

Do you know that the wrong person could have been in that parking lot and taken full advantage of my grandparents? There are some crazy people out here.

How can she be this selfish and controlling? Well I could write a month of blogs on that one.
My sister called me and was mad at me for not driving my grandparents home. She was afraid my aunt would be mad and yelling at them for getting lost. She probably would. I could not drive them and her back home because then I would be 35-40 minutes from my car with no way home. Wow, how did someone get mad at me for trying to find them and getting them to where they should be? How did I become the bad guy?

I had to borrow $5 from my cousin to get a late lunch because I flew out of work with nothing but my keys and license, nothing but $2 in my pocket. Did you know that $7 at Fazoli's will only buy you a double slice of pizza and a drink. I was starving and very thirsty and had to decide between food and drink. I finally saw pizza and a drink was $6.11. Did you know a double slice of pizza from Fazoli's is equal to one slice of pizza anywhere else? Did you know when I took it back to work, my mom was hungry too and ate part of it?

Did I also mention this was the last night of VBS at church and the AC would not cool the room below 81 all week?

What a day!

Just think, Saturday is a work day for me. No rest for the weary.

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a corgi said...

sad about your aunt; sad that she can't work together with your mom and the rest of the family to make your grandparents' final days as comfortable as possible without all this strife.

I think a blog is a good thing to be able to get things like this off our chests, so to speak. I have "enjoyed" writing in my private blog for this very reason; sometimes you just need a place to vent

hope tomorrow is not too crazy at work