Friday, July 17, 2009

Pondering Thoughts 2

1- We were Blessed yesterday. My mom picks one weekday to go and spend the day with my grandparents. She goes to stay a few hours but because of their needs she ends there all day doing various things. (Side note: She also goes up one day on the weekend if they do not go to church.) Well because of this and my work schedule, no dinner was fixed. I received a phone call from a dear friend that lives two houses down who had just buried her grandmother the day before. Their family had been given so much food from their church that they were wondering if they could send us a tray full of spaghetti. We were delighted. They were able to bless us with things that people had made to bless them during their grievance. They are only a family of four and they had enough food for 30. She was also able to bless another neighbor too. Thank you , Lord.

2- I have no tolerance for 8-12 year old girls. I can not go into detail because I always worry someone will read it and know who I am referring to. I have not figured out if I really do not like this age girls or if the three girls I have encountered in three different places are not the normal girl in that age group. One whines constantly and nothing is ever fair, one mooches and is manipulative, oh I could tell you some stories on her that would make your head spin, she has everyone snowed but me and my mom then the last one just rewords or asks questions that I already answered. For instance, we discussed flip-flops. I told her I don't care for flip flops. She asked why. I explained that I do not like the feeling of things between my toes. Her response, why don't you like things between your toes. I wanted to scream because God made me this way. We then continued onto other questions in which she would ask a question based on what I had just answered. She was the 12 year old too. I felt like my nephew was back in the "WHY? Three year old stage". I had to deal with this girl for hours. If you have a girl in this age group , maybe I need to come hang out with you to see if these girls I am dealing with are abnormal. I really hope these three are abnormal because I really do love kids .

3-I really need a pedicure... Anyone have $25 I can borrow?

4-Please uplift my friend Angela and her family in prayer. Less than a month ago they had to put their dear 6 year old dog to sleep then last Sunday her grandmother died. I know you cant put a pet's life on the same level as a human life but that is a lot of heartbreak for one family in one month. Please also uplift another friend of mine, B, she is going through a lot with medical issues with her mom and husband right now.

5- For those of you that read my blog will be happy to know that I threw away a pair of shoes, it is a start. GO ME!

6- Why do people feel the need to talk and smack their lips when their mouths are full of food? We offer free cheap cookies at work and customers pick one up and continue to chomp, munch, grunt and smack their food while they are asking me a question. I really hate that and have considered doing away with the cookies for that purpose.

7- Why do customers feel that I am not worthy of their attention while they are on their cell phones while I wait on them? So many times I have almost said, when you are done on the phone I will wait on you until then I am not. People this is so rude. The cashier or salesperson is worthy of your attention too. Do you think they really want to know about your brother's woman or what Sister Carol is going to make for Wednesday night supper? Oh and don't get peeved if someone hears your conversation and says something about what they heard, you are the one broadcasting it to everyone. You want it to be private, have the conversation in your car or at home. It is not eaves-dropping if you are talking loudly in a public place. What would life be without a cell phone? Peaceful, maybe.

8- For tourists and a lot of locals that frequent tunnels around here... Why do you put your brake on as you enter the tunnels around here? Honestly, I want to get in and get out, not stop and look around. Just keep going. Your one brake light causes at least a mile of more brake lights. Besides, if there is a leak , do you want to be in there, oh no, I want to be in and out fast. JUST GO!

9- I finally figured out how to start a new paragraph when blogger is giving you an attitude. I remembered my old HTML code ,,,, you have to use the less than sign then letters br and then the greater than sign. I cant show you because then it would just start a new paragraph when I posted this.
Well that is it for now folks. This is just a glimpse of part of my week and my crazy thoughts.

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a corgi said...

interesting thoughts all around, Becky; I'm not sure about preteen/teen girls any more, but they do seem to be fickle sometimes on their likes/dislikes, ability to annoy, attitude, etc. But having said that, they should be respectful of adults, know what I mean?

good for you for throwing away a pair of shoes!! that is progress!