Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Rant and a Rave...

Two part post... First the rant.

Why do people want to act like being adopted is bad or a joke?

Today I was behind some young adults on a train at Busch Gardens. They were joking on each other and their mommas. Two of them must have been siblings because at first he said that his momma was her momma and what not. She turned and laughed and said, my mom isn't really your momma because you are adopted. Oh my, something inside of me raged. I did not say anything but boy did I want to. The first thought was that I was so glad my nephew was not with me this time on the train. Then I wanted to cry.

Adoption is awesome. God placed the child in that home as a blessing. I thought about approaching them in kindness and saying that adoption is nothing to tease about, really it is great. Love is not based on birth or blood. I love my nephew so much and it does not cross my mind 99% of the time that he is adopted. He looks like us and acts like us. ( Except the kid loves to be outdoors all day, biological father was a construction worker) When does it cross my mind, well when we are out in a big place like Busch and wonder if his biological parents are around. It took me a long time to call them his biological parents because they really are not his parents, my sister and her husband are his parents. But then I think they did love him enough to know they could not care for him and provide him a good life that they placed him where another set of parents could. I am thankful for this everyday.

People, being adopted is not shameful and it is not to be joked about. Your parents are who raise you and love you regardless of bloodline.

We are told a lot that my nephew was blessed to have us and I correct them and tell them that no we are blessed to have him. He is such a delight in our life.

Now on to my rave... You may just need a staycation.

Today our plans were messed up because my brother-in-law ended up being off and we would not have munchkin. He had asked us if we wanted to go to Busch Gardens and we told him to call us when he decided to go. Well he went and did not call. Sometimes he is inconsiderate. We eventually called him and met them at Busch for about an hour. Well after that we decided to enjoy lunch at one of the restaurants that we want to go to because every time we go we are always having to please munchkin or my dad. Well we went to the Smokehouse for some ribs, good chicken and brisket. We took our time eating and my mom even had dessert. From there we headed to the Caribou Pottery where we used to paint ceramics. My mom finished a piece she was working on and I sat , read and conversated. It was a great afternoon. I called it our mini staycation. We did not really go anywhere but we were away from all the stress of work and family. As much as I love going to Busch with munchkin , it was refreshing to be there with no obligations.

If you need to get away, you don't always have to go away. Just find a local park or coffee spot and leave the stress at home or work for a few hours. It really is refreshing.

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a corgi said...

what gets me about adoption (and my 2 are adopted) is when someone says "do you know anything about their real parents". I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm real and not real, or perhaps I'm fake. Or "natural parents". Like I'm unnatural?? Biological is a term I can live with. Not sure about my daughter, but my son, at 20, has minimal interest in meeting his biological parents. A sense of curiousity, I think, wondering who he might look like. He might search, I don't know; I told him we'd help with what we knew when he wanted to start looking.

I like your idea about staycation. There are lots of activities that can give a brief respite from the "hum-drum, doldrums" if we just look for them