Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Today I was blessed. I went in for my yearly checkup from my surgery in 07. I was prepared to pay for the visit even though I was broke. I had borrowed money to cover the visit. The receptionist said, put your money up you have a $154 credit. I was flabbergasted because I have no medical insurance now and knew that I would be getting a bill from my previous visit between my copay and the uninsured amount. I did give praise the to the Lord for that and continued to do so throughout the day. I still tried to figure out the credit but can not figure out where it came from. Oh well, I guess it is not meant for me to figure out. Praise the Lord!
Now for you women that procrastinate your well-woman check-ups. JUST GO! I learned in 07 that if you procrastinate it only makes things worse. Then you may end up in the hospital where all the doctors want to look at your HOOHA. Go yearly and it is just you the doctor and the nurse. Well that is unless you are me and then it is your doctor, his resident, the nurse and guess what, she was training a nurse too. So four people were in there for my much hated appointment. Talk about uncomfortable. It was still less in that room than in my surgery room in 07 and I am sure less than the number in the delivery room too. My point is just go and have it done, get it over with. The worry is worse than the few minutes of embarrassment.
On to other things. I think I am going to hire my nephew to work with us at our christian bookstore. Since he is 6 , he has the ability to say things and get away with it. Today a lady came in and asked if we carried film for a camera. I told her no and he responded too. He said, " Film for a camera, Golly, we are a Christian Bookstore, we don't have film." He had me rolling. If I had said that, I would have been rude. A six year old says it and it is cute, go figure.
Oh well, off to rest, I was up at 5:30 AM because I was afraid I would out sleep the alarm at 6:30 AM for my doctors appointment. I don't do mornings very well.


Meg said...

When I go for those check ups, which isn't often, it's a female doctor and that's it. I can tell you this...there would be no resident and no trainee in the room with me. I'd just tell them, "Nope. Sorry. No Way!"

Glad things turned out well for you!!

a corgi said...

good for you for taking care of your checkup; I'm overdue (but working on getting it scheduled). thanking the Lord it was free too for you!! isn't it neat how he does things like this for us?