Saturday, July 4, 2009

Down by the Riverside....

An awesome thing happened tonight during our annual 4th of July picnic. It was a first time for our church despite our location.... We had a baptism .... Down by the riverside and ummm our church is called Riverside Baptist too.

My brother, who is a Deacon was doing the baptizing because my Pastor has medical issues. So this was an extra special baptism. Oh yeah, the man being baptized. I won't say he was saved because of our store but he had a spiritual moment at work after running from God for years. He talked to someone at work and they told him about our store as a place to find a Bible. He came in and happened to catch my mom on a day she was on the sales floor and they talked for long time. She invited him to church and he has been coming ever since. He has joined the men's class and is a professed, baptized Christian now. Praise the Lord.

Now let me tell you in these pictures my brother is scared to death. This was not a beach baptism, it was literally a river baptism. They had to climb down rocks to get there and there was a bad current.

Ohh and he will be baptizing again tomorrow but he is glad this one will be in the baptistry. Praise the Lord for all these souls won to Christ.
P. S.... one of these days I will learn to edit pictures around my posts.

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a corgi said...

thanking the Lord for sure! that is an awesome testimony Becky!

(to edit pictures, here's what I do, and I'm sure there is an easier way). I load my pictures the last one first and then keep loading them in reverse order. Eventually I have loaded the last picture which turns out to be the first on my journal page (I hope that makes sense). Then I move my cursor between pictures to write the text I want to write

hope this makes sense and helps you)